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100 Questions and Answers About Hypertension
Edición/Edição: 1st
Autores: J. M. Grange; K. R. Fox; N. L. Morgan; William M. Manger, MD; Ray W. Gifford, Jr.
ISBN: 9780632044818
Formato: Rústica/Paperback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 208
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2009
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 38,66 € (37,17€ + iva)
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Invitación A La Biología En Contexto Social 7ª Ed.
· 100 Questions and Answers About Hypertension (J. M. Grange; K. R. Fox; N. L. Morgan; William M. Manger, MD; Ray W. Gifford, Jr.)
· Invitación A La Biología En Contexto Social 7ª Ed. (H. Curtis | S. Barnes | A. Schnek | A. Massarini)
101,79 € 96,70 €
100 Questions and Answers About Hypertension introduces the fundamentals of high blood pressure and the latest drug treatments. The authors, leaders in the National Hypertension Association, have written this helpful introduction so readers can take an active role in their own treatment. This book is a concise guide to the causes of, and latest treatments for hypertension.

1 What is blood pressure?.

2 What is systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressure?.

3 How is blood pressure measured?.

4 What is normal blood pressure?.

5 Are the blood pressure machines in pharmacies, shopping malls, airports, and other public places accurate?.

6 What is essential hypertension and is it common?.

7 Why is high blood pressure bad and does treatment really help?.

8 What is the magnitude of the hypertension problem in the USA?.

9 Is there a personality type that is predisposed to develop hypertension?.

10 Is essential hypertension, which accounts for about 95% of the hypertensive population, inherited?.

11 What is mild hypertension?.

12 What are the causes of hypertension?.

13 What is "white coat hypertension"; do I have it and is it dangerous?.

14 What tests are necessary for evaluating hypertension; what about an echocardiogram and stress test?.

15 Why is a "renin profile" necessary to treat hypertension?.

16 Do I need to see a specialist to have my hypertension treated?.

17 Are measurements of blood pressure at home important in managing hypertension, and should I have my blood pressure monitored for 24 hours?.

18 Which blood pressure is more important - systolic or diastolic?.

19 Is high blood pressure mostly in the arteries or can it also occur in veins?.

20 Is it normal for blood pressure to increase with age?.

21 Can stress cause hypertension and how can you reduce it?.

22 Does alcohol increase blood pressure; how can I drink if I have hypertension?.

23 Does high blood pressure occur in children, and should children and adolescents with essential hypertension be treated?.

24 Does hypertension affect white and black individuals differently?.

25 What is malignant hypertension?.

26 Why is essential hypertension called the "silent killer"; is it a disease?.

27 Can hormones cause hypertension?.

28 Can thyroid disease cause hypertension?.

29 Can hypertension lead to blindness?.

30 Can hypertension lead to dialysis?.

31 Can hypertension cause alzheimer's disease or dementia?.

32 Is hypertension ever familial?.

33 What's the story on salt; how much can I use and what about salt substitutes?.

34 Is my nervousness caused by too much adrenaline, and can this be elevating my blood pressure?.

35 What causes a sudden elevation of blood pressure and should labile blood pressure be treated in persons with normal blood pressure and those with hypertension?.

36 Should isolated systolic hypertension be treated?.

37 How do you know if you have a secondary cause of hypertension?.

38 How can you tell if your hypertension is due to a kidney problem?.

39 If one stays physically with appropriate life-style changes, can hypertension be prevented or controlled?.

40 What are some of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that can elevate blood pressure; what about cold and cough medications?.

41 What are the major risk factors for developing hypertension, and what are additional risk factors if you have hypertension?.

42 What are the major risk factors of hypertension and how do these risk factors increase your chances of disease complications?.

43 What can I do about risk factors for hypertension?.

44 What is target organ disease and how does its presence influence treatment?.

45 What are the benefits of exercise and will it lower my blood pressure?.

46 Is it important for me to lose excess weight if have hypertension, and what are the reasons and risks of being overweight?.

47 What is the best way to lose weight and are diet pills indicated?.

48 What is the best diet to treat and prevent hypertension and its complications; what are the "mediterranean" and "dash" diets?.

49 Is garlic or fish oil good for you if your blood pressure or cholestorol is elevated?.

50 Must I give up smoking because of my hypertension?.

51 What is the best way to quit smoking?.

52 Are atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis the same; what are their complications and can they cause hypertension?.

53 Should blood pressure be treated differently in men and women and in african american and white individuals?.

54 Once I start taking medicine for high blood pressure, do I have to take it forever?.

55 What are some of the common misconceptions about hypertension?.

56 Can caffeine be harmful and should I give it up if I have hypertension?.

57 Are premenopausal women protected from heart disease?.

58 Is it safe to take estrogen before and after the menopause if you have hypertension?.

59 What is preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy) and does hypertension increase my chances of getting it, and how should it be treated?.

60 If I have hypertension, should I avoid getting pregnant?.

61 Should I limit my activities if I have hypertension?.

62 Are there any foods to avoid if you have hypertension?.

63 If I have diabetes, does that increase my chances of complications of hypertension?.

64 Will antihypertensive drugs interfere with my mental or physical activity?.

65 What are the symptoms and signs of a hypertensive emergency?.

66 When is high blood pressure an emergency or urgency and how should it be treated?.

67 When are medications indicated for the treatment of hypertension?.

68 What are the various drugs available for treating hypertension; how do they work and what are their side effects, and are generic as good as brand-named drugs?.

69 Are the newer medications better than the old ones?.

70 What medications should I take for my hypertension; when are certain drugs indicated or contraindicated?.

71 Should I use aspirin if I have hypertension?.

72 What is alternative medicine and is it helpful in treating hypertension?.

73 Are relaxation and biofeedback techniques effective in hypertension management?.

74 Are health food supplements and herbs good for you and can they affect your blood pressure?.

75 What is the placebo effect?.

76 Are vitamins helpful in treating people with hypertension and hypercholesterolemia; can they be harmful?.

77 Will hypertension or antihypertensive drugs affect my sex life and what about use of viagra or special food supplements?.

78 Is there any danger that my blood pressure may be reduced too much with medication?.

79 Is there any danger in changing my antihypertensive medication?.

80 Why is hypertension sometimes resistant to treatment?.

81 Can hypertension cause pain in my legs when I walk?.

82 What is a heart attack and how is it treated?.

83 What is heart failure; how can it be prevented and treated?.

84 What is left ventricular hypertrophy?.

85 What is a TIA and how is it treated?.

86 What is a stroke and how is it treated?.

87 What is an aneurysm; can it be caused by hypertension and how can it be detected and treated?.

88 Are high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and diabetes related?.

89 What is "good" and "bad" cholesterol?.

90 Why is my cholesterol elevated; what should it be and should I try to lower it?.

91 What drugs are available to treat elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides; how do they work and what are their side effects?.

92 Is it possible to prevent coronary artery disease and heart attacks?.

93 If I am very old, do I need treatment for hypertension or high cholesterol?.

94 What is homocystein; does it have harmful effects and what should I do if I have an abnormal amount?.

95 Are high cholesterol and high blood pressure related?.

96 What are antioxidants and should I be taking them?.

97 Why is potassium important in management of hypertension?.

98 Are calcium and magnesium important in management of hypertension, and should I ad them to my diet?.

99 What causes low blood pressure; is it harmful, and what are the symptoms of low blood pressure in case my medication is excessive?.

100 Where can I get more reliable information about hypertension and some of its complications?

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