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Essential Epidemiology. An Introduction For Students And Health Professionals 3rd Ed.
Essential Epidemiology. An Introduction For Students And Health Professionals 3rd Ed.
Autores: Penny Webb; Chris Bain; Andrew Page
ISBN: 9781107529151
Formato: Rústica/Paperback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 450
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2017
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 46,17 € 45,61 € (43,86€ + iva)
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Essential Epidemiology. An Introduction For Students And Health Professionals 3rd Ed. Epidemiología Clínica 5ª Ed.
· Essential Epidemiology. An Introduction For Students And Health Professionals 3rd Ed. (Penny Webb; Chris Bain; Andrew Page)
· Epidemiología Clínica 5ª Ed. (Robert Fletcher | Suzanne W. Fletcher | Grant S. Fletcher)
93,42 € 88,75 €
Taking a practical approach and supported by global examples from all areas of health, the new edition of this popular and highly commended textbook has been updated to reflect currentepidemiological thinking and teaching. Based on feedback from teachers and students, material has been reordered to better suit courses and reflect the underlying logic and purpose ofepidemiology. • Provides students with a rounded picture of the field by emphasizing the commonalities across different areas of epidemiology, including clinical epidemiology, and highlighting thekey role of epidemiology in public health • Avoids complex mathematics by restricting this to optional material, thereby keeping the book accessible to students from non-quantitativebackgrounds • Integrated and supplementary questions help students to reinforce concepts • A wealth of online material is available at, includingadditional questions, advanced material for key concepts, recommendations for further reading, links to useful websites and slides for teaching, supporting both students and teachers.
Demonstrates the commonalities between different areas of epidemiology and emphasizes the key role of epidemiology in public health
Considers the nature and practical implications of the fundamental biases of selection and measurement, providing a clear conceptual outline, examples, and flow charts to support students asthey master this tricky topic
Avoids complex mathematics, making the book accessible to those from a non-quantitative background
Online resources include additional questions, suggestions for further reading, links to useful websites and teaching slides 
Table of contents
Howlongis a piece of string? Measuringdiseasefrequency
Who, what, where and when? Descriptiveepidemiology
Healthyresearch: studydesignsforpublichealth
Why? Linkingexposure and disease
Headsortails: the role of chance
Allthatglittersisnotgold: theproblem of error
Muddiedwaters: thechallenge of confounding
Reading between the lines: reading and writing epidemiological papers
Whosanktheboat? Association and causation
Assemblingthebuilding blocks: reviews and their uses
Surveillance: collectinghealth-related data forepidemiologicalintelligence and publichealthactionMartyn Kirk and AdrianSleigh
Outbreaks, epidemics and clustersMartyn Kirk and AdrianSleigh
Prevention: betterthan cure?
Earlydetection: whatbenefits at whatcost?
Epidemiology and thepublic'shealth
Answers to questions
Appendix 1. Direct standardisation
Appendix 2. Standard populations
Appendix 3. Calculating risk and lifetime risk from routine data
Appendix 4. Indirect standardisation
Appendix 5. Calculating life expectancy from a life table
Appendix 6. Why the odds ratio approximates the relative risk for a rare disease
Appendix 7. Formulae for calculating confidence intervals for common epidemiological measures
Appendix 8. The Mantel–Haenszel method for calculating pooled odds ratios
Lo más vendido este mes/Os mais vendidos este mês
Epidemiología Aplicada 2ªed
Ariel, 2008
Jokin de la Irala Estévez
31,65 €
Subcategorías en Epidemiología, Salud Pública y Estadística
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