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Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery - 2 VOLS + DVD'S
Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery - 2 VOLS + DVD S
ISBN: 9781576262191
Formato: Rústica/Paperback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 1200
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2008
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 524,99 € (504,80€ + iva)
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549,80 € 522,31 €
Benefit from the keen insights and expert knowledge of Clinton McCord Jr., MD and Mark Codner, MD as they share their vast experience in treating aesthetic and reconstructive problems of the eyelids and periorbital area in this master work. No other book provides this depth of experience – with an oculoplastic surgeon and a plastic surgeon pooling their talents and their unique insights to offer readers the advantage of their combined expertise. The result is a remarkable 2-volume clinical work that provides comprehensive guidance for solving both common and rare problems encountered in treating eyelid and periorbital conditions. It is destined to find a valued place in the libraries of young and experienced surgeons alike.
Comprehensive Coverage
This 2-volume/DVD combination covers it all – from basic anatomy to the latest refinements and advances in technique. Divided into 3 parts, the book begins with "Fundamentals" and includes 4 significant chapters on anatomy; eyelid function, innervation, and biomechanics; basic principles; and tissue grafts. These initial chapters provide an important foundation for planning aesthetic and reconstructive surgical interventions, and include essential information on eyelid physiology, acquiring donor tissues for use in eyelid surgery, and basic suturing and flap techniques.

Part II focuses on aesthetic surgery of the eyelid and periorbital area. It includes the range of procedures needed for an aesthetic practice, including: brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, midface lift, Asian blepharoplasty and treatment of aesthetic complications. The final two chapters in this section discuss the adjunctive use of tissue fillers, botox, and fat grafting for enhancing the results of aesthetic procedures in this anatomic area. The authors are assisted in this section by select contributions by Dr. William Chen (Asian blepharoplasty), Dr. Foad Nahai (transpalpebral blepharoplasty), Drs. Roderick Hester and Kristin Boehm (fat grafting) and Mary Popp, RN (Botox and Injectable Fillers).

The final Part is devoted to reconstructive surgery and includes a comprehensive approach to ptosis surgery, upper and lower eyelid reconstruction, entropion and ectropion reconstruction and special topics such as surgery for facial paralysis, malignant eyelid tumors, eyelid trauma, Graves’ disease, or in pediatric patients. Other important topics include: variations in canthal anchoring and the use of spacer materials.

An Invaluable Resource
Beautiful 4- color artwork and photographs provide step-by-step descriptions of each surgical procedure. These volumes are filled with tips and tricks, clinical nuances, and personal insights for improving your results and addressing difficult surgical challenges.

The Ideal Print/Video Combination
This book is a virtual gold mine of information – supplemented by over 45 video clips offering more than 5 hours of descriptive surgical video for standard aesthetic and reconstructive procedures along with alternative approaches. This video footage is contained on multiple DVDs that accompany these volumes. To aid the reader, the video segments are keyed into the text and are also included in the table of contents. Therefore, when reading about different surgical techniques, the surgeon is able to supplement the written word by viewing a dynamic demonstration of the procedure. This duality is enormously helpful in explaining the subtle nuances of different operations.

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