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Genetics? No Problem!
Genetics? No Problem!
Autores: Kevin ODell
ISBN: 9781118833872
Formato: Rústica/Paperback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 352
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2017
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 41,69 € 41,19 € (39,61€ + iva)
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Genetics? No Problem! Emery Elementos de Genética Médica + Acceso Online 15ª Ed.
· Genetics? No Problem! (Kevin ODell)
· Emery Elementos de Genética Médica + Acceso Online 15ª Ed. (Peter Turnpenny | Sian Ellard)
105,15 € 99,89 €
The analysis and interpretation of data is fundamental to the subject of genetics and forms a compulsory part of the undergraduate genetics curriculum. Indeed, the key skills that a genetics student requires are an ability to design and understand experimental strategies and to use problem-solving skills to interpret experimental results and data. Genetics? No Problem! provides students with a graded set of problems that aim to enthuse, challenge and entertain the reader. 
The book is divided into three sections – introductory; intermediate and advanced – each with 10 problems. For first level students there will be short genetics problems embedded in a wide range of scenarios, such as murder mysteries. As the bookprogresses, the stories will get longer and the science will get progressively more complex to challenge final year students and enable the reader to identify genetic disease in obscure organisms as well as designing and testing treatments and cures.
Genetics? No Problem!:
Takes a unique, innovative approach that provides students with a set of graded problems designed to develop both their skills, and their ability to tackle problems with confidence
Includes problems embedded in a narrative, written in an interesting, informative and entertaining style by an Author with a proven track record in teaching, research and communication
Is well illustrated in full colour throughout.
The book will prove invaluable to all students of genetics across a range of disciplines needing to get to grips with the analysis and interpretation of data that is fundamental to the subject.
Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi
How to Use this Book xiii
Section 1: Introductory
1.1 Grandma’s Secret 3
1.2 Tiger! Tiger! 7
1.3 Anticipation 13
1.4 Budgie Hell 17
1.5 Friends Reunited 21
1.6 The Footballer, his Wife, their Kids and her Lover 25
1.7 Give Peas a Chance 29
1.8 Noah’s ARC 35
1.9 The Mysterious Disappearance of Midnight 39
1.10 RANCID 45
Section 2: Intermediate
2.1 Otto’s Finger 51
2.2 The Mystery of Muckle Morag 57
2.3 Drosophila hogwashii 63
2.4 The Curse of Lilyrot 69
2.5 Strawberry Fields Forever 75
2.6 The Mystery of Trypton Fell 81
2.7 Sir Henry’s Enormous Chest 89
2.8 Pandemonium 93
2.9 My Imperfect Cousin 101
2.10 The Curse of the WERE Rabbits 107
Section 3: Advanced
3.1 The Legend of Neptune’s Cutlass 117
3.2 The Devil’s Pumpkin 129
3.3 Gravity 141
3.4 Kate and William, a Love Story 151
3.5 The Titanians 163
3.6 Once Bitten, Twice Shy 175
3.7 Red-Crested Dragons of Mythological Island 185
3.8 I Scream! 197
3.9 The Nuns of Gaborone 209
3.10 Poissons Sans Yeux 221
Answers 233
List of Figures 361
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