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Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition
Autores: Andre O. Barel; Marc Paye; Maibach, Howard I.
ISBN: 9781842145647
Formato: Tapa Dura/Hardback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 725
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2014
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 183,46 € (176,40€ + iva)
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Ácido Hialurónico. Manual De Rellenos Estéticos. Tercio Facial Inferior
· Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition (Andre O. Barel; Marc Paye; Maibach, Howard I.)
· Ácido Hialurónico. Manual De Rellenos Estéticos. Tercio Facial Inferior (E. Hernández-Pacheco | G. Ruiz de León)
226,40 € 215,08 €
Written by experienced and internationally renowned contributors, this is the fourth edition of what has become the standard reference for cosmetic scientists and dermatologists seeking the latest innovations and technology for the formulation, design, testing, use, and production of cosmetic products for skin, hair, and nails. New to this fourth edition are chapters on dermatocosmetic vehicles, surface film, causes and measurement of skin aging, make-up products, skin healing, cosmetics in sports, cosmetotextiles, nutricosmetics, natural ingredients, cosmeceuticals, and regulatory vigilance

Introduction, M. Paye, A. O. Barel and H. Maibach Skin Types Biophysical CHARACTERISTICS of the Skin in Relation to Race, Sex, Age and Site, V. Couturaud Ethnic Differences in Skin Properties: The Objective Data, V Saggar, S Banker, N Wesley and H Maibach Sensitive Skin: Sensory, Clinical and Physiological Factors, M. A. Farage, A Katsarou and H. Maibach Neurophysiology of Self-Perceived Sensitive-Skin Subjects by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, B. Querleux and O. de Lacharriere Tests for Sensitive Skin, A. Pelosi and E. Berardesca Skin Hydration Mechanisms of Skin Hydration, L. Kilpatrick-Liverman, J. Mattai, R. Tinsley and J. Wu Hydrating Substances, M. Loden Skin Care Products, H. Epstein Confocal Raman Spectroscopy for In Vivo Skin Hydration Measurements, P. J. Caspers and A. van der Pol Skin Barrier and pH Evaluation of the Barrier Function of the Skin Using Trans Epidermal Water Loss: A Critical Overview, R. Imhof Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers: An Overview, S. Konda, H-Y. Thong and H. Maibach Human Skin Buffering Capacity: An Overview, J. Levin and H. Maibach Skin pH and Skin Flora, S. A. Ansari Mystical Effects of Dermatocosmetic Vehicles, C. Surber Dissolution of Materials in Artificial Skin Surface Film Liquids, A. Stefaniak Skin Aging and Sun and Anti-Aging Care Products Skin Ageprint: The Causative Factors, G. E. Pierard, C. Pierard-Franchimont and P. Quatresooz A Quantitative Approach to Age and Skin structure and Function, M. Lorencini, I. Feferman and H. Maibach Skin Aging: Microrelief and Wrinkle Measurements, U. Koop and A. Herpens Smoking and Skin Aging, M. Rahvar Antioxidants, S.U. Weber, J. K. Lodge, C. Saliou and L. Packer UV Filters, S. B. Levy Sun Protection and Sunscreens, B. Gabard After-Sun Products, H. Karajianis and B. Gabard Reconstructed Human Skin and Skin Organ Culture Models Used in Cosmetic Efficacy Testing, A. Mavon, D. Bacqueville and B. De Wever Skin Perception Sensory Effects and Irritation: Strong Relationship, M. A. Farage Silicones: Their Importance for Skin Sensory Properties, I. Van Reeth Tribological Studies on Skin: Measurement of the Coefficient of Friction, R. K. Sivamani, G. Wu, H. Maibach and N.V. Gitis Skin Wettability and Friction, A. Elkhyat, S. Mac-Mary and P. Humbert Skin Tolerance Principles and Mechanisms of Skin Irritation, S. Schliemann and P. Elsner Mechanism of Skin Irritation by Surfactants and Anti-Irritants for Surfactant Based Products, M. Paye, H. Maibach and C.T. Jackon In Vivo Irritation, S.J. Bashir, M. W.S. Ong and H. Maibach Noninvasive Clinical Assessment of Skin Irritation / Inflammation, K. Mills and M. Robinson Ethnicity as a Possible Endogenous Factor in Irritant Contact Dermatitis: Comparing the Irritant Response among Caucasians, Blacks and Asians, B. S. Modjtahedi, S. P. Modtjahedi and H. Maibach Allergy and Hypoallergenic Products, A. E. Goossens Anti-Itch Testing: Antipruritics, H. P. Chan, H. Zhai and H. Maibach Skin colour Determination of Skin Colour In Relation to Ethnicity, Sex, Age, Site and Environmental Factors: An Overview, G. Cazorla, J. Latreille, C. Guinot, and F. Morizot Artificial Tanning, S. B. Levy Skin Whitening Agents, M. Ong Decorative Products and the Functions of Make-Up, R. Korichi and J.F. Tranchant Make-Up Products and Formulations, N. Lourith Skin Radiance Measurement, A. Petitjean, P. Humbert, S. Marc-Mary and J.M. Sainthillier Cosmetics with Specific Targets Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Products and Treatments, P. Clarys and A.O. Barel Skin Healing, E. Tur and L.L. Bolton Baby Care Products, M. Lemper, K. De Paepe, V. Rogiers and R. Adam Cosmetics for the Elderly, H. Reuter, T. Blatt, G.M. Muhr and F. Stab Antiperspirants, J. Schreiber Deodorants, J. Schreiber The Use of Cosmetics in Sport, P. Clarys, R. Clijsen , J. Taeymans and A. O. Barel Cosmetotextiles, M. Singh Measuring Hair Structure and Properties, R. Wickett and J. Jachowicz Hair Conditioners, C. Kozubal, A. Lopez Baca and E. Navarro Oral Cosmetics: A General Overview, N. Demeester, D. Vanden Berghe, M. Calomme The Use of Food Supplements as Nutricosmetics in Health and Fitness, P. Clarys, J. Taeymans and A.O. Barel The Normal Nail and Use of Nail Cosmetics and Treatments, J. Andre and R. Baran The Impact Of Formulation Structure in Skin Delivery, P. Wen, J. Paturi and Sun Y. Skin Care Occlusive Ingredients: Predicting Occlusion's Effects Using Partition Coefficients, F. Hafeez and M. Maibach Natural Ingredients, C. Saliou Zinc Pyrithione, J. R. Schwartz, E. S. Johnson and T. L. Dawson Regulations Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals: An Overview, R. Sivamani and H. Maibach New European Legislation Concerning Efficacy Claims of Cosmetic products. Overview of different methods of evaluation, P. Clarys and A.O. Barel The Current Regulatory Context in the European Union, V. Rogiers Cosmetovigilance in the European Union, M. Paye, E. Roni, P. Prasad and M.G. Best Trends in Cosmetic regulations in the USA, F. A. Simion
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