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Edición/Edição: 2
Autores: Kenneth D. Brandt; Stefan Lohmander; Michael Doherty
ISBN: 9780198509677
Formato: Tapa Dura/Hardback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 524
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2003
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 189,32 € 187,03 € (179,84€ + iva)
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Cómpralos juntos y ahorra
226,07 € 214,77 €
Extensively revised and updated
Reviews optimal management of Osteoarthritis
Gives new insights into pathogenesis
Charts importance of non pharmacological interventions
Includes contributions from international experts
New evidence on pharmacological modification of tissue damage
Appendix details commonly employed outcome assessment measures
From reviews of the first edition:
'This valuable book has the critical and social and basic information that sets the stage. Only books like this one, or reviews can pull it all together for us. I had looked forward to this book and regularly use it as a resource for both clinical and basic questions.' -Journal of Clinical Rheumatology
'Rheumatologists would benefit from this up to date text. It also suits as a reference text for a myriad of health professionals.' -The Journal of Rheumatology

At a time when prevalence of osteoarthritis (failure of the joint) is increasing with an ageing population it is timely to review the latest evidence and management strategies for optimal treatment of patients with this, the most common joint disease of mankind. A number of exciting new developments related to etiopathogenesis and management make it highly desirable at this time to publish a fully comprehensive authoritative discussion of the risk factors, mechanisms of joint damage, clinical aspects, differential diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. A review of the current understanding of the management of this disorder and of the basic mechanisms involved provides the rationale for publication of this new fully updated edition.

The book looks at the mechanisms for joint failure and how this may be due to abnormal cartilage or disease in other joint tissues. Significant coverage is given to exciting new evidence on disease-modifying drugs and methodologies for evaluating outcomes of treatment with these options. It is becoming increasingly recognised that optimal management of osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive program involving drugs and nonmedicinal components and, in some cases, surgery. Chapters on both non-surgical and surgical therapy are contained in the management section. The full coverage given in this book allows the physician to consider and choose the right blend of treatment for each patient from the range available whether physical, pharmacologic, surgical or supportive. The book is sympathetic to the significant differences that often exist between the perception of the patient and that of the physician regarding what's important in treatment and coverage is therefore given to the outcome measures needed for optimal evaluation of both.

Highly illustrated in full colour throughout this definitive text is written principally for the clinical rheumatologists, although primary care physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, allied health professionals, basic researchers, members of the pharmaceutical industry who are involved in drug research and development, and regulatory staff also should find it useful.

Readership: Clinical rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons and general physicians, as well as allied health professionals, basic researchers, pharmaceutical industry researchers involved in drug development for osteoarthritis, and regulatory agency staff

1 Raymond H. Flores & Marc C. Hochberg: Definition and classification of osteoarthritis
2 David T. Felson: Epidemiology of osteoarthritis
3 Edward H. Yelin: The economics of osteoarthritis
4 Genetic aspects of osteoarthritis
4.1 Nisha Manek & Tim D. Spector: Evidence for the inheritance of osteoarthritis
4.2 Thorvaldur Ingvarsson & Stefan Einar Stefansson: Specific gene defects associated with osteoarthritis
4.3 Virginia B. Kraus & Eden R. Martin: Laboratory approaches to the identification of genetic association in osteoarthritis
5 Kenneth P. H. Pritzker: Pathology of osteoarthritis
6 Juliet Rogers & P.A. Dieppe: Paleopathology of osteoarthritis
7 Pathogenesis of osteoarthritis
7.1 Mike Doherty: Introduction: the concept of osteoarthritis as failure of the diarthrodial joint
7.2 Pathogenesis of structural changes in the osteoarthritic joint
7.2.1 Articular cartilage Dick Heinegård, Mike T. Bayliss & Pilar Lorenzo: Biochemistry and metabolism of normal and osteoarthritic cartilage John Sandy & Anna H. K. Plaas: Proteolytic degradation of normal and osteoarthritic cartilage matrix Ernst B. Hunziker & Jenny Tyler: Articular cartilage repair Van C. Mow & Clark T. Hung: Mechanical properties of normal and osteoarthritic articular cartilage, and the mechanobiology of chondrocytes Alan J. Grodzinsky, Young-Jo Kim & Michael A. DiMicco: Response of the chondrocyte to mechanical stimuli Ann K. Rosenthal & L. Ryan: Crystals and osteoarthritis
7.2.2 Bone David B. Burr: Subchondral bone in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Mechanical aspects C.I. Westacott: Subchondral bone in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Biological effects D. Reid: Systemic changes in bone in osteoarthritis
7.2.3 Synovium Wim B. van den Berg, Peter M. van der Kraan & Henk M. van Beuningen: Synovial mediators of cartilage damage and repair in osteoarthritis Peter A. Simkin: Synovial physiology in the context of osteoarthritis
7.2.4 Neuromuscular system Joel A. Vilensky & Brian L. O'Connor: Innervation of the joint and its role in osteoarthritis M. V. Hurley: Neuromuscular Protective Mechanisms Leena Sharma: Proprioception in Osteoarthritis
7.2.5 Leena Sharma: Local mechanical factors in the natural history of knee osteoarthritis, malignment and joint laxity
7.3 Pathogenesis of joint pain in osteoarthritis
7.3.1 B. Kidd: Peripheral and central pain mechanisms in osteoarthritis
7.3.2 Nortin M. Hadler: Why does the patient with osteoarthritis hurt?
8 Clinical features of osteoarthritis and standard approaches to the diagnosis
8.1 S. O'Reilly & Mike Doherty: Signs, symptoms, and laboratory tests
8.2 I. Watt & Mike Doherty: Plain radiographic features of osteoarthritis
8.3 C. Cooper & Elaine Dennison: The natural history and prognosis of osteoarthritis
9 Management of osteoarthritis
9.1 Kenneth D. Brandt, S. Lohmander & Mike Doherty: Introduction: the comprehensive approach
9.2 John D. Bradley: Systemic analgesics
9.3 Steven B. Abramson: The role of NSAIDs in the treatment of Osteoarthritis
9.4 Aslam Anis, Carlo Mara & Jolanda Cibere: Economic considerations in pharmacologic management of osteoarthritis
9.5 Mike Doherty & A. Jones: Topical NSAIDs
9.6 Kenneth D. Brandt & John Bradley: Topical capsaicin cream
9.7 A. Jones & Mike Doherty: Intra-articular glucocorticoids and other injection therapies
9.8 Kenneth D. Brandt: Intra-articular hyaluronan injection
9.9 T. E. MacAlindon: Nutritional therapies
9.10 T. E. MacAlindon: Mechanisms by which micronutrients may influence osteoarthritis
9.11 Physical therapy
9.11.1 Marian A. Minor: Exercise for patient with osteoarthritis
9.11.2 M. V. Hurley: Other Physical Therapies
9.11.3 N. Walsh: Other Physical Therapies
9.12 Jeanne L. Melvin: Occupational therapy for the patient with Osteoarthritis
9.13 J. Barlow & Kate Lorig: Patient education
9.14 Steven A. Mazzuca & Morris Weinberger: Social support
9.15 Dennis C. Ang & Kurt Kroenke: Depression in osteoarthritis
9.16 F. J. Keefe, David S. Caldwell, Ann Aspnes & Susmita Kashikar-Zuck: Coping strategies for the patient with osteoarthritis
9.17 John D. Bradley: Irrigation of the osteoarthritic joint
9.18 Joseph A. Buckwalter & S. Lohmander: Surgical approaches to preserving and restoring articular cartilage
9.19 Kaj Knutson: Arthroplasty and its complications
9.20 K. Muir & Jonathan Webber: Weight loss and Osteoarthritis
9.21 A. Carr: Patient adherence
10 M. H. Liang, Heike A. Bischoff & Ewa M. Roos: Outcome assessment in osteoarthritis: a guide for research and clinical practice
11 Prospects for pharmacological modification of joint breakdown in osteoarthritis
11.1 Kenneth D. Brandt, S. Lohmander & Mike Doherty: Introduction
11.2 Disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs)
11.2.1 Peter Ghosh: The biological perspectives
11.2.2 Kenneth D. Brandt: The clinical perspective
11.3 Richard J. Griffiths & Dennis J. Schrier: Advantages and limitations of animal models in the discovery and evaluation of novel disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs)
11.4 Assessment of changes in joint tissues in patients treated with disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs): monitoring outcomes
11.4.1 Geraldine Hassett, Tim D. Spector & Deborah J. Hart: Radiographic grading systems
11.4.2 Steven A. Mazzuca: Quantitation of radiographic changes
11.4.3 Charles G. Peterfy: Magnetic resonance imaging
11.4.4 Xavier Ayral: Arthroscopic evaluation of knee articular cartilage
11.4.5 Donald S. Schauwecker: Bone Scintigraphy
11.4.6 Stephen Myers: Ultrasonography
11.4.7 Robin A. Poole: Defining and validating the clinical role of molecular markers in osteoarthritis
12 Nicholas Bellamy: Design of clinical trials for evaluation of structure modifying drugs and new agents for symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis
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Reumatología Clínica 2ª Ed.
Panamericana, 2017
Juan Carlos Duró Pujol
54,81 €
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