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Topley and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections: Parasitology (include free CD)
Topley and Wilson s Microbiology and Microbial Infections: Parasitology (include free CD)
Edición/Edição: 10
Autores: F. E. G. Cox; Derek Wakelin; Stephen H. Gillespie; Dickson D. Despommier
ISBN: 9780340885680
Formato: Tapa Dura/Hardback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 912
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2007
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 328,63 € 324,69 € (312,20€ + iva)
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Topley and Wilson s Microbiology and Microbial Infections: Parasitology (include free CD) Parasitología Médica. 3ª Ed.
· Topley and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections: Parasitology (include free CD) (F. E. G. Cox; Derek Wakelin; Stephen H. Gillespie; Dickson D. Despommier)
· Parasitología Médica. 3ª Ed. (Marco Antonio Becerrill)
416,71 € 395,87 €
Parasitic infections present a major challenge to the health and well being of several billions of people across the world. Political unrest, natural disasters, the migrations of huge populations and the spread of HIV infections have added to already serious problems by increasing global parasite burdens. Increasingly it is becoming clear that interactions between parasites and other infectious agents can aggravate disease. Against this backdrop, progress is being made in the containment of many parasitic infections and there is optimism that some of the diseases that have plagued humans for centuries may be eradicated. Hopes for the future revolve around the application of modern molecular, genetic and immunological science, linked to the systematic use of evidence-based control methods.

All these themes and more run through the chapters in this volume. Parasitology has been thoroughly revised and updated for the tenth edition of Topley & Wilson’s Microbiology and Microbial Infections to include all newly identified parasites and emerging diseases. Through discussion of the general aspects of parasitology and detailed reviews of specific organisms (grouped under protozoa and helminths) the volume provides an authoritative survey of current knowledge of parasitic organisms and the human diseases to which they give rise, what their effects are and ways in which they can be controlled, not only now, but also in the future. The comprehensive coverage includes the basic science that underlies disease transmission and progression, the classification and identification of the organisms concerned, and the epidemiology and treatment of the diseases caused.

Parasitology is an invaluable companion for infectious disease specialists, pathologists, parasitologists and all others working in the increasingly important field.
• Contains the latest information on epidemiology, identification, classification, and new and emerging infections, all supported by the basic science that underlies infectious disease
• Fully integrated color for the first time with color illustrations throughout
• An international acclaimed editorial team and a highly respected group of contributors, drawing on expertise from over 20 countries
• All of the information in the book is also available on a fully-searchable CD-ROM

Table of Contents:

Part I: General parasitology
History of human parasitology F.E.G. Cox
World-wide importance of parasites Gabriel A. Schmunis and Francisco J. López-Antuñano
Epidemiology of parasitic infections Roy M. Anderson
Immunology and immunopathology of human parasitic infections F.E.G. Cox and Derek Wakelin
Control of parasites, parasitic infections and parasitic diseases David H. Molyneux
Diagnosis of parasitic infections Stephen H. Gillespie
Part II: Protozoa
Cellular organization of parasitic protozoa Heinz Mehlhorn
Classification and introduction to the parasitic protozoa F.E.G. Cox
Amebiasis: Entamoeba histolytica infections Adolfo Martínez-Palomo and Martha Espinosa-Cantellano
Other intestinal amebae John P. Ackers
Opportunistic amebae David T. John
Giardiasis Lynne S. Garcia
Trichomonas infections Donald E. Burgess
Dientamoeba fragilis and other intestinal flagellates Jaroslav Kulda and Eva Nohýnková
Balantidium coli Viqar Zaman and F.E.G. Cox
Old World leishmaniasis Paul A. Bates and R.W. Ashford
New World leishmaniasis Ralph Lainson and Jeffrey J. Shaw
African trypanosomiasis Samuel J. Black and John Richard Seed
New World trypanosomiasis Michael A. Miles
Intestinal coccidia: cryptosporidiosis, isosporiasis, cyclosporiasis Vincent McDonald and M. Paul Kelly
Toxoplasmosis J. P. Dubey
Sarcocystis J. P. Dubey
Babesiosis of humans Sam R. Telford III and Andrew Spielman
Malaria Marcel Hommel and Herbert M. Gilles
Microsporidiosis Alan Curry
Blastocystis Hominis Jeffrey J. Windsor
Part III: Helminths
Nature and classification of parasitic helminths David I. Gibson
Schistosomes: general Andrew S. MacDonald and Somei Kojima
Schistosomes: African Andrew S. MacDonald and Somei Kojima
Schistosomes: Asian Somei Kojima
Lung and liver flukes Melissa R. Haswell-Elkins
Intestinal tapeworms Jørn Andreassen
Larval cestodes Ana Flisser and Philip S. Craig
Gastrointestinal nematodes – Ascaris, hookworm, Trichuris and EnterobiusCelia V. Holland
Stronglyloides and Capillaria Michael Cappello and Peter J. Hotez
Toxocara Elena Pinelli, Laetitia M. Kortbeek, and Joke van der Giessen
Trichinella Dickson D. Despommier
Lymphatic filariasis Subash Babu and Thomas B. Nutman
Onchocerciasis J E Bradley, J Whitworth and M-G Basáñez Janette E. Bradley, María-Gloria Basanez, and James Whitworth
Angiostrongylus (Parastrongylus) and less common nematodes Kentaro Yoshimura
Dracunculiasis Ralph Muller
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