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Ultrasound In Anesthesia, Critical Care, And Pain Management 2nd Ed.
Ultrasound In Anesthesia, Critical Care, And Pain Management 2nd Ed.
Autores: Graham Arthurs; Barry Nicholls
ISBN: 9781107618329
Formato: Rústica/Paperback
Nº volumenes: 1 Páginas: 304
Año publicación/Ano de publicação: 2016
Disponibilidad/Disponibilidade: 15 días
Precio/Preço : 75,38 € 74,47 € (71,61€ + iva)
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Ultrasound In Anesthesia, Critical Care, And Pain Management 2nd Ed. Anatomía para Anestesiólogos 9ª Ed.
· Ultrasound In Anesthesia, Critical Care, And Pain Management 2nd Ed. (Graham Arthurs; Barry Nicholls)
· Anatomía para Anestesiólogos 9ª Ed. (Harold Ellis | Andrew Lawson)
148,88 € 141,44 €
This up-to-date, revised edition on ultrasound in anesthesia has now been expanded to cover the important areas of pain management and critical care, and includes the new Royal College of Anaesthetists' guidelines for using ultrasound in anesthesia and intensive care. A comprehensive, practical guide, it explains the benefits of ultrasound for all essential practices, ranging from vascular access and local anesthetic blocks in adults and children, to cardiac assessment, trauma and intensive care practice, pain management and more. Additional resources include over 100 still and video clips, allowing the reader to view ultrasound sequences while reading the relevant chapter. Written by ultrasound experts, this is the perfect introductory text for medical consultants and any trainee or medical student who needs a step-by-step guide to how ultrasound works, how to use it themselves, how to get the best images and when to ask a sonographer for help.
Provides a practical approach to the use of ultrasound, enabling medical consultants as well as medical trainees to use ultrasound in their own practice
Heavily illustrated with both still and video clips, to help the reader to recognise normal and abnormal patterns in the tissue being examined and to train eye-hand skills required for ultrasound usage
Includes diagrams to aid pattern recognition of the relevant anatomical features
List of contributors
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the first edition

1. Principles of medical ultrasound Graham Arthurs and Trevor Frankel
2. Ultrasound to aid vascular access Philip Haslam
3. Diagnostic echocardiolography Tom Ingram
4. The role of echocardiography in the haemodynamically unstable patient in critical care and the operating theatre Paul James, Julian Skoyles and Henry Skinner
5. Transesophageal diagnostic Doppler monitoring Robert Kong
6. Ultrasound in critical care David Southern and Dylan John
7. Ultrasound and airway management Thomas M. Hemmerling and Marilu Giacalone
8. The use of ultrasound in the traumatised patient and the acute abdomen Angie Lloyd-Jones, Owen Rees and David A. Parker
9. The use of ultrasound to aid local anesthetic nerve blocks in adults Barry Nicholls, Stephan Kapral, Peter Marhofer and Alice Roberts
10. US guided nerve blocks in children Steve Roberts and Alasdair Howie
11. Cranial ultrasound in the newborn Owen Arthurs
12. The use of ultrasound in acute gynecology and pregnancy assessment William Taylor
13. Ocular ultrasonography Thomas M. Hemmerling and Marilu Giacalone
14. Use of ultrasound in assessing soft tissue injury Geoff Hide
15. The use of ultrasound in pain management Shyam Balasubramanian and Arasu Rayen

About the Authors
Graham Arthurs, Maelor Hospital, Wrexham
Graham Arthurs is Consultant Anaesthetist at the Maelor Hospital, Wrexham.
Barry Nicholls, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
Barry Nicholls is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset.
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