The Enduring Self in People with Alzheimer's. Getting to the Heart of Individualized Care

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Sam Fazio
Health Professions Pr
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15 jul. 2008
Despite the frequent characterization of Alzheimer's disease as a "loss of self," this enlightening book demonstrates unequivocally that a person's unique self persists throughout the course of the disease. The important message in "The Enduring Self" is how much can be done in care settings to support a person's sense of identity, and thereby enrich the lives of people experiencing the many losses associated with dementia.Drawing from a diverse body of research, this book brings together the recommendations of the best thinkers and practitioners in multiple disciplines to illustrate the meaning of self and the importance of providing dementia care that recognizes and supports personhood. The author provides strategies for restructuring the physical and social environment to facilitate person-centered care."The Enduring Self" provides a foundation for culture change efforts in community-based and residential care settings, showing administrators and care staff how to reframe communication and interactions to build more meaningful relationships with people with Alzheimer's. To facilitate staff training, a detailed case study is provided, and each chapter includes discussion topics.It is suitable for administrators and care staff in community-based and residential care settings. Author Biography: Sam Fazio is Director of Medical and Scientific Relations, national headquarters of the United States Alzheimer's Association. Contents: Understanding the Self in Alzheimer's Care; The Self as the Nucleus of Person-Centered Care; Overview of Self; Overview of Alzheimer's Disease; Evidence of the Self in Alzheimer's Disease; Environments and Relationships that Support Selfhood; Physical and Social Environments that Recognize the Self; Relationships and Interactions that Support the Self; Key Concepts for Maintaining the Self; Sustaining the Self in Everyday Care; Learning and Sharing.
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