Adult Congenital Heart Disease

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Paul Clift, Sara Thorne
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
22 mar. 2009
* Provides a succinct guide to the management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease * Contains bullet point descriptions which make complex conditions easy to understand * Provides information on how to manage emergencies and when to refer for specialist help * Specific conditions are described with the aid of colour diagrams * Includes information on complications and how to watch for, detect, and manage them To the adult cardiologist, the language of congenital heart disease can be confusing and the spectrum of disease bewildering. Many find the prospect of meeting an adult with complex congenital heart disease in the emergency department disturbing, and rightly so. This book aims to dispel confusion and equip cardiology trainees, general cardiologists and acute medicine physicians with a sound understanding of the principles of the physiology and management of adult congenital heart disease, so that they can treat emergencies and recognise the need for referral to a specialist unit. With easy-to-understand diagrams and key clinical points, this handbook provides both rapid reference for use when the clinical need arises and also an insight into the basic principles of congenital heart disease, giving the reader a good grounding in the care of the adult with congenital heart disease. Readership: Trainee cardiologists, general cardiology consultants, cardiac nurse consultants, general physicians. Contents Introduction Introduction to adult congenital heart disease 1. Morphology and classification 2. Non invasive imaging 3. Physiological testing 4. Cardiac catheterisation 5. Influence of pulmonary blood flow on management and outcome 6. Cyanosis Specific lesions 7. Valve and outflow tract lesions 8. Septal defects 9. The Eisenmenger Syndrome 10. Aortic lesions 11. Venous anomalies 12. Transposition complexes 13. Tetralogy of Fallot and pulmonary atresia 14. Univentricular hearts and Fontan Circulation 15. Rare conditions presenting in adulthood Management of adult congenital heart disease 16. Emergencies 17. Pregnancy and contraception 18. Endocarditis 19. Lifestyle issues Appendix Glossary of terms
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