Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice

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John G Hunter, Charles R Thomas, Blair A Jobe
Demos Medical Publishing
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1 mar. 2009
Gastroesophageal cancers are the most common form of cancer incidents, and the second most common cause of death among cancer patients. In 2000, it was estimated that over one million new cases of gastroesophageal cancers were diagnosed worldwide, and over 900,000 individuals died from the disease.Using a multi-disciplinary approach, "Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice" addresses the complexities encountered in the understanding and management of esophageal cancers. Written by the world's leading experts in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, gastroenterology, pathology, radiology, nutrition, nurse specialists, palliative medicine, and research relating to neoplasia of the esophagus, this text will serve as the definitive resource and enable practitioners to provide the best possible patient care. Presented in an accessible and useful format, this text will be a valuable reference to all practitioners participating in the care of this high-needs population.It features: complete coverage of the two most common tumors: squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma; and, in-depth coverage of uncommon tumors.a Contents Biology 1 Esophageal Embryology and Congenital Disorders by Alexandru Gaman and Braden Kuo 3 2 Esophageal Anatomy by Braden Kuo and Alexandru Gaman 11 3 The Biology of Epithelial Esophageal Cancer by Eric S. Weiss and Avedis Meneshion and Malcolm V. Brock 27 4 The Biology of Mesenchymal Esophageal Tumors by Billy R. Ballard 39 5 Barrett's Esophagus: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis by Daniel S. Oh and Tom Ryan DeMeester 47 6 Barrett's Esophagus: Molecular Biology by Patncu I. McConnell and Blair A. Jobe 53 7 Barrett's Esophagus: Preclinical Models for Investigation by Xiaoxin Chen and Chung S. Yang 61 8 Barrett's Esophagus: Screening and Surveillance by Richard Sampliner 69 9 Barrett's Esophagus: Models for Cost-Effective Screening and Surveillance by Jonathan Hata and Aurora Pryor 73 10 Barrett's Esophagus: Chemoprevention by George Triadafilopoulos 81 11 Epidemiology of Esophageal Cancer: Molecular by David W. Cescon and Jessica Patricia Hopkins and Penelope A. Bradbury and Darren Tse and Geoffrey Liu 93 12 Epidemiology and Risk of Esophageal Cancer: Clinical by Linda Morris Brown and Susan S. Devesa 103 13 Pathology of Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Neoplasms by Gregorio Chejfec and Elizabeth Louise Wiley and Stephen Sontag 115 14 The Link Between Esophageal Cancer and Morbid Obesity by Robert W. O'Rourke 121 15 The Relationship Between Helicobacter Pylori and Barrett's Esophagus by Attila Dubecz and Jeffrey H. Peters 131 16 Ethnic Disparities in Cancer of the Esophagus by Allan Pickens 137 II Imaging and Staging 17 State of the Art in Esophageal Imaging: Endoscopic Technology and Evaluation of Esophageal Mucosa by Michael J. Pollack and Amitabh Chak and Ananya Das
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