Neuroimaging and the Psychiatry of Late Life

46,60 €
Edmond Chiu, David Ames
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
8 jun. 2009
This book provides clinicians with a reliable reference, written by prominent figures in neuroradiology and old age psychiatry, which draws together current knowledge of late life mental disorders as revealed by neuroimaging. A highly illustrated introductory chapter provides a useful overview of the various techniques of neuroimaging now available. The following chapters, also extensively illustrated, survey the contribution of neuroimaging to understanding the specific psychiatric disorders of late life, and the book concludes with guidelines for clinicians on the choice of imaging for the investigation of their patients. For researchers this is a useful and authoritative review of current knowledge regarding neuroimaging and the older psychiatric patient. Its primary aim, however, is to educate and advise clinicians dealing with the protean manifestations of psychiatric disorder in later life. • First book to review the place of neuroimaging in late life psychiatry • Contributions from leading American, European and Australian authorities • Highly illustrated, with guidelines for clinicians Contents: Part I. Modern Methods of Neuroimaging: 1(a). Computerized tomography Brian Tress, Patricia Desmond; 1(b). Magnetic resonance imaging Patricia Desmond, Brian Tress; 1(c). Single photon and positron emission tomography Kim Jobst, Basil Shepstone; 1(d). Electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography Andrew Leuchter, Ian Cook; Part II. Neuroimaging in Specific Psychiatric Disorders of Late Life: 2. The normal elderly Hillel Grossman, Sandra Jacobson, Marshal Folstein, Gordon Harris; 3. Alzheimer's disease Hans Förstl, Alistair Burns; 4. Vascular disease Kazuo Hasegawa, Hiroo Kasahara; 5. Other dementias E. Jane Byrne, Stephen Simpson; 6. Delirium James Lindesay, Alastair Macdonald; 7. Affective disorders Christopher Ball, Michael Philpot; 8. Paranoid and schizophrenic disorders of late life Robert Howard, John O'Brien; Part III. Clinical Guidelines: 9(a). Indications for neuroimaging Andrew Leuchter; 9(b). Which scan, for whom, when and why? Robin Jacoby.
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