Marine Ecological Processes

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Valiela, I.
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1 ene. 2010
About this textbook
  • Updated and expanded content includes newest developments in marine ecology
  • Previous edition well-received as both a text and a reference for researchers
  • Detailed illustrations throughout

The oceans represent a vast, complex and poorly understood ecosystem. Marine Ecological Processes is a modern review and synthesis of marine ecology that provides the reader with a lucid introduction to the intellectual concepts, approaches, and methods of this evolving discipline. Comprehensive in its coverage, this book focuses on the processes controlling marine ecosystems, communities, and populations and demonstrates how general ecological principles--derived from terrestrial and freshwater systems as well--apply to marine ecosystems.

Global warming and increased eutrophication and wetland destruction in recent years has made the study of ecological processes even more important for the preservation of marine environments. This thoroughly updated and expanded edition will provide students of marine ecology, marine biology, and oceanography with numerous illustrations, examples, and references which clearly impart to the reader the current state of research in this field: its achievements as well as unresolved controversies.

Written for:
Graduate students, marine biologists, ecologists
  • aquatic
  • biodiversity
  • biogeochemistry
  • carbon cycle
  • ecology
  • ecosystem
  • environment
  • food web
  • marine ecology
  • nutrient cycle
  • ocean
  • oceanography
  • process
  • taxonomy

Table of contents
Part I. Primary Producers in Marine Environments: Producers and Processes Involved in Primary Production.- Factors Affecting Primary Production.- Part II. Consumers in Marine Environments: Dynamics of Populations of Consumers.- Competition for Resources Among Consumers.- Feeding and Responses to Food Abundance.- Food Selection by Consumers.- Processing of Consumed Energy.- Part III. Structure and Dynamics of Marine Communities: Trophic Structure 1: Controls in Benthic Food Webs.- Trophic Structure 2: Components and Controls in Water Column Food Webs.- Taxonomic Structure: Species Diversity.- Spatial Structure: Patchiness.- Development of Structure in Marine Communities: Colonization and Succession.- Part IV. Functioning of Marine Ecosystems: The Carbon Cycle: Production and Transformations of Organic Matter.- Nutrient Cycles and Ecosystem Stoichiometry.- References.- Index.
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