Computers in Fisheries Research

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Megrey, Bernard A., Moksness, Erlend
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1 ene. 2009
About this book

This is the second edition of a book that reviews current and future computer trends in fisheries science applications. The first edition was published 10 years ago. Individuals have been quick to realize the potential of computers in fisheries and scientists continue to take advantage of the rapidly advancing tools and technology. This book provides a valuable sampling of contemporary applications and in some cases compares recent developments to the status of the situation 10 years ago. In many cases perspectives are presented by the same authors that contributed to the first edition. Scientists will have an opportunity to evaluate the suitability of different computer technology applications to their particular research situation thereby taking advantage of the experience of others.

Written for:

Administrators, managers, research scientists, field biologists, university researchers, university teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, consultants, government researchers, and laypersons involved in the fisheries or natural resource disciplines

  • Computer Applications
  • Fisheries Science
  • Natural Resource Management

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Past, Present and Future Trends in the Use of Computers in Fisheries Research by Bernard Megrey and Erlend Moksness

Chapter 2: The Consumption and Production of Fisheries Information in the Digital Age by Janet Webster and Eleanor Uhlinger

Chapter 3: Extended Guide to Some Computerized Artificial Intelligence Methods by Saul B. Saila

Chapter 4: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) In Fisheries Management and Research by Geoff Meaden

Chapter 5: Remote sensing by Olav R. Godø and Eirik Tenningen

Chapter 6: Quantitative research surveys of fish stocks by Kenneth G. Foote

Chapter 7: Geostatistics and their applications to fisheries survey data: a history of ideas, 1990-2007 by Pierre Petitgas

Chapter 8: Ecosystem Modeling using the Ecopath with Ecosim approach by Marta Coll, Alida Bundy and Lynne Shannon

Chapter 9: Image Recognition by Thomas T. Noji and Ferren MacIntyre

Chapter 10: Visualization in fisheries oceanography: new approaches for the rapid exploration of coastal ecosystems by Albert J. Hermann and Christopher W. Moore

Chapter 11: Computers in Fisheries Population Dynamics by Mark N. Maunder, Jon T. Shnute and James N. Ianelli

Chapter 12: Multispecies Modelling of Fish Populations by Kenneth A. Rose and Shaye E. Sable

Chapter 13: Computers and the Future of Fisheries by Dr. Carl J. Walters


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