Clinical Sports Anatomy

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Andrew Franklyn-Miller
Mcgraw-Hill Education
Fecha Publicacion
21 mar. 2010
Understanding the anatomy of a sports injury is the key to unlocking the diagnosis for most clinicians. Unfortunately, anatomy is often poorly taught, is not clinically focused, and many anatomy textbooks are so complicated that searching for clinically useful information is difficult. In addition, multiple pathologies can present in an overlapping fashion, making the differentiation of the various possible causes of injury problematic. Clinical Sports Anatomy classfies structures according to their anatomical reference points to form a diagnostic triangle. Discriminant questions are coupled with the more useful clinical tests and diagnostic manoeuvres to direct the reader toward a de¿nitive clinical diagnosis. This approach is ¿rmly rooted in evidence-based medicine and includes a list of the most appropriate investigations required to confirm diagnosis. This book is a valuable tool for anyone training to work, or already working, in muscoskeletal medicine. Physical therapists, athletic trainers, primary care physicians and residents, orthopedists and residents, and sports physicians and residents will all find this work useful in training, refreshing their knowledge of anatomy, or as a means of training others. Features: A novel diagnostic approach to categorising differential diagnoses High quality anatomical diagrams and easy to read tables Case histories practically demonstrate the application of this approach
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