Neurobiology of Mental Illness

216,46 €
Benjamin S. Bunney, Eric Nestler, Dennis S. Charney
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
28 nov. 2008
Reflects the continuing reintegration of psychiatry into mainstream biomedical science Describes the neurobiology that causes mental illness, and how this knowledge can be used in treatment Written in a clear, accessible style Contens: Pt. I Introduction to basic neuroscience by Nestler, Eric J. Pt. II Methods of clinical neurobiological research by Tamminga, Carol A. Pt. III Psychoses by Lieberman, Jeffrey A. Pt. IV Mood disorders by Nemeroff, Charles B. Pt. V Anxiety disorders by New, Antonia S. Pt. VI Substance abuse disorders by Hyman, Steven E. Pt. VII Dementia by Sano, Mary Pt. VIII Psychiatric disorders of childhood onset by Pine, Daniel S. Pt. IX Special topic areas by New, Antonia S. New to this edition Contains 10 new chapters to cover new advances in the field This new edition of a definitive text shows how the advances in molecular and cellular biology and in the basic neurosciences have brought the revolution in molecular medicine to the field of psychiatry. It describes what is known about the neurobiological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and shows how this information has the potential to dramatically improve treatment and ultimately lead to prevention. Completely revised and updated from the previous edition, the book includes 10 new chapters on topics including genetics, experimental therapeutics, and late-life mood disorders. Both a textbook and a reference book, Neurobiology of Mental Illness is a uniquely valuable resource. Readership: Psychiatrists, neuroscientists, trainees, and graduate students
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