Clinical Nutrition for Oncology Patients

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Mary J. Marian
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Fecha Publicacion
1 ago. 2009
Clinical Nutrition for Oncology Patients provides clinicians with the information they need to help cancer survivors and patients make informed choices about their nutrition and improve their short-term and long-term health. This comprehensive resource outlines nutritional management recommendations for care prior to, during, and after treatment and addresses specific nutritional needs and complementary therapies that may be of help to a patient. This book is written by a variety of clinicians who not only care for cancer survivors and their caregivers but are also experts in the field of nutritional oncology Contents: Ch. 1 Introduction to the nutritional management of oncology patients by Mary Marian and Susan Roberts 1 Ch. 2 Nutrition screening and assessment in oncology by Pamela Charney and Andreea Cranganu 21 Ch. 3 Nutrition support for oncology patients by M. Patricia Fuhrman 45 Ch. 4 Medical and radiation oncology by Carole Havrila and Paul W. Read and David Mack 65 Ch. 5 Surgical oncology by Maureen B. Huhmann and David August 101 Ch. 6 Nutrition and cancer prevention by Nicole Stendell-Hollis 137 Ch. 7 Esophageal and head and neck cancer by Elisabeth Isenring 165 Ch. 8 Breast cancer by Deborah Straub 187 Ch. 9 Reproductive cancers by Heather Hendrikson 231 Ch. 10 Prostate cancer by Natalie Ledesma 245 Ch. 11 Lung cancer by Jayne M. Camporeale and Susan Roberts 269 Ch. 12 Hematologic malignancies by Kim Robien 297 Ch. 13 Brain tumors by Cathy Scanlon 321 Ch. 14 Palliative care by Kelay Trentham 351 Ch. 15 Pharmacologic management of cancer cachexia - anorexia and other gastrointestinal toxicities associated with cancer treatments by Todd W. Mattox and Dawn E. Goetz 379 Ch. 16 Integrative oncology by Mary Marian 409 Index 447
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