Sleep and Mental Illness

99,75 €
S. R. Pandi-Perumal, Milton Kramer, Irshaad O. Ebrahim
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
23 mar. 2010
The diagnosis of mental illness is frequently accompanied by sleep problems; conversely, people experiencing sleep problems may subsequently develop mental illness. Sleep and Mental Illness looks at this close correlation and considers the implications of research findings that have emerged in the last few years. Additionally, it surveys the essential concepts and practical tools required to deal with sleep and co-morbid psychiatric problems. The volume is divided into three main sections: basic science, neuroendocrinology, and clinical science. Included are over 30 chapters on topics such as neuropharmacology, insomnia, depression, dementia, autism, and schizophrenia. Relevant questionnaires for the assessment of sleep disorders, including quality-of-life measurement tools, are provided. There is also a summary table of drugs for treating sleep disorders. This interdisciplinary text will be of interest to clinicians working in psychiatry, behavioral sleep medicine, neurology, pulmonary and critical care medicine. • Conveys the essential concepts and practical tools required to deal with sleep-related mental health problems • Includes color illustrations and references for further investigation • Includes relevant questionnaires for the assessment of sleep disorders and a table of drugs for quick reference
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