Practical Management Of Dementia. A Multi-Professional Approach

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J. Wattis , S. Curran
Radcliffe Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
2 ago. 2011
Practical Management of Dementia, Second Edition remains a comprehensive guide to identifying the challenges faced in caring for patients with dementia. Integrating new research into the diagnosis, detection and management of dementia, this book brings together a wealth of extensive practical experience and knowledge. It answers questions on medical, psychological and social management in an informative, evidence-based manner. Emphasising the need for a variety of pharmacological, psychological and social approaches that can be adapted for individual patients, it also encourages an understanding of the patients’ spiritual needs. Reviews of the First Edition: 'This is a highly readable and useful resource.' NURSING STANDARD 'Comprehensive and valuable. Of merit to all healthcare team members from all care setting perspectives.' GERIATRICS TODAY 'Consistent and clear, well written and edited.' THE JOURNAL OF DEMENTIA CARE Contents Dementia in the new millennium Epidemiology of dementia Diagnosis and classification Early detection of dementia The role of the clinical psychologist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with dementia The role of the physician for the elderly in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with dementia The general practitioner’s perspective The role of the nurse in the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with dementia Dementia: an occupational therapist’s perspective Social aspects of the assessment and treatment of dementia Towards practical service delivery for younger people with dementia Understanding behavioural change in dementia Legal aspects of management Spiritual aspects of dementia Comprehensive and integrated mental health services for people with dementia The role of service users and carers in helping to develop and improve services for people with dementia Edited by Stephen Curran and John P Wattis, respectively Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Fieldhead Hospital, Wakefield and Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Huddersfield; Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Huddersfield Contributors Peter C W Bowie K Wilson Anna V Richman Sonja Krüger Miguel A Bertoni E Miller Michael Carpenter Abbie Flinders Linda Harris Richard Clibbens
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