Handbook of geriatric care management

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C. Cress
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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19 may. 2011
Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide for Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) to help define duties and procedures while providing guidelines for setting up a geriatric care practice. An essential teaching tool, this new edition is an easy-to-use, practical guide that gives students the foundation they need to receive a certificate or degree in GCM. The Third Edition has been completely updated with revised chapters on psychosocial assessment, functional assessment, ethnic and cultural assessment, and writing a geriatric assessment. Also included throughout the text for additional study are sample forms, sample letters, and case examples. Table of Contents Part I Introduction to Geriatric Care Management Chapter 1 Overview and History of Geriatric Care Management Chapter 2 Ethics and Geriatric Care Management Part II Geriatric Assessment, Planning and Care Monitoring Chapter 3 Psychosocial Assessment in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 4 Functional Assessment in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 5 Care Planning , Geriatric Assessment and Geriatric Care Management Chapter 6 Ethnic and Cultural Assessment in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 7 Assessing and Supporting Late Life Relocation in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 8 Spiritual Assessment and Support in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 9 Assessing and Supporting the Family Caregiver Chapter 10 Assessing and Supporting Clients' Quality of Life in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 11 Assessing and Supporting Aging in Place Through Technology Part III The Business of Geriatric Care Management: Beginning, Expanding or Adding, and Managing a Geriatric Care Management Business Chapter 12 How to Begin or Add a Geriatric Care Management Business Chapter 13 After the start-up: Issues for Mature Geriatric Care Management Chapter 14 How to Begin and add Fee-for-Service Geriatric Care Management in a Non Profit Chapter 15 Combining a Home Care Agency and a GCM Practice Chapter 16 Marketing Geriatric Care Management in Non-for-Profit Settings Chapter 17 Private Revenue Sources for the Fee Based Geriatric Care Manager Chapter 18 Care Management Credentialing Chapter 19 Preparing for Emergencies in Geriatric Care Management Part IV Clinical Issues Chapter 20 Geriatric Care Management Working with Normal Aging Families Chapter 21 Difficult Families: Conflict, Dependence, and Mutuality in Geriatric Care Management Chapter 22 Mediation: The GCM as the Accidental Mediator About the Author(s) Cathy Jo Cress, MSW-Emphasis in Geriatric/Home Care ManagementMaster of Arts Degree Program, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
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