Cognitive communication disorders

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M. Kimbarow
Plural Pub Inc
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25 mar. 2011
This innovative book is destined to become the definitive core text for graduate courses covering cognitively based communicative disorders. Designed to fill a gap in the existing market, for the first time, instructors will have a resource that provides current state of knowledge on the normal cognitive processes that support communication, along with current state of knowledge on the impact deficits in these cognitive domains may have on language and communication. A renowned group of contributors present in a single source, information on the cognitive processes of attention, memory, and executive functioning, along with chapters on right hemisphere disorders, Alzheimer¡¯s Disease and related disorders, and traumatic brain injury. ¡öProvides a comprehensive review of theoretical and applied research on the cognitive processes of attention, memory and executive function ¡öIdentifies the unique cognitive communication deficits associated with right hemisphere damage, the dementias, and traumatic brain injury ¡öDemonstrates the synergy among cognitive supports for communication and shows the impact of cognitive deficits on communication ¡öOffers practical information on clinical management ¡öA useful resource for clinicians in need of current information on cognitive linguistic communication disorders. ¡öA stand alone text for courses in cognitive disorders Table of contents ¡¤ Chapter 1: Attention William Hula, Ph.D. ¡¤ Chapter 2: Principles of Human Memory: An Integrative Clinical Approach Fofi Constantinidou, Ph.D. ¡¤ Chapter 3: Executive Functions: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment Mary H. Purdy, Ph.D. ¡¤ Chapter 4: Cognitive Communication Disorders Associated with Right Hemisphere Brain Damage Margaret Lehman Blake, Ph.D. ¡¤ Chapter 5: The Dementias: An Overview of Alzheimer¡¯s Disease and Related Disorders Martine Lamy, Ph,D., Jamie Reilly, Ph.D., and Jean Neils-Strunjas, Ph.D. ¡¤ Chapter 6: Theory and Management of Cognitive Communication Disorders of Traumatic Brain Injury Michael L. Kimbarow, Ph.D.
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