The handbook of midwifery research

28,35 €
M. Steen , T. Roberts
Fecha Publicacion
31 mar. 2011
Research is a fundamental part of midwifery practice. However, not everyone finds it easy to understand the basic principles, and particularly the language of research. This accessible handbook enables midwives and student midwives to firstly understand how to search and make sense of research evidence, how to write a research proposal and finally how to undertake a research study. The Handbook of Midwifery Research specifically focuses on the needs of midwives and students and helps increase the knowledge and understanding of midwifery research, enabling the reader to undertake research with confidence. With case studies, learning objectives and clear examples throughout, this is an essential purchase for any midwife or student wanting to understand or undertake research. This handbook includes useful tools and techniques to assist midwives and students to keep themselves up-to-date with the best available evidence, enabling them to apply this evidence to their own clinical practice. - An essential resource for midwifery students as well as qualified midwives - Clear, straightforward, and accessible in style - Provides midwives and students with the skills to undertake research with confidence - Provides examples throughout to apply research to midwifery practice - Includes a glossary of research terms .
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