Evidence informed nursing with older people

32,89 €
D. Tolson , J. Booth , I. Schofield
Fecha Publicacion
31 mar. 2011
Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People is an essential text for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who are seeking to make connections between theory, evidence and value based gerontological practice. The rapidly rising ageing global population requires that more attention is directed towards the needs and requirements of older people. This textbook is a key resource for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who wish to improve their practice. Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People takes a unique case study approach, with individual chapters presenting nursing practice based case studies on some of the most common areas of care that are faced by nurses working around the world with older people. Each case study illustrates the connections between practice, theory, evidence and values. User friendly in nature, this textbook includes key points, reflection activities and test points throughout, and includes user perspectives from older people. This is an invaluable guide for all nurses and student nurses working with older people, in all settings. Key features ¡An up-to-date treatment of the nursing contribution to key geriatric syndromes ¡International expert contributions from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and China ¡An evidence based, case study approach to the care of older people
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