Pediatric Neurology. A Color Handbook A Colour Handbook

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Denise M. Nielsen, Paul D. Larsen, Gary L. Hedlund, Francis M. Filloux, Joshua L. Bonkowsky, James F. Bale
Manson Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
30 dic. 2011
PREVISTA SU PUBLICACIÓN PARA DICIEMBRE 2011 The past 40 years have seen remarkable advances in paediatric neurology and in many interfacing disciplines, especially medical imaging, genetics and infectious diseases. Yet the fundamentals of neurological examination and history remain essential in the accurate diagnosis of conditions affecting the child’s nervous system. The book begins with a detailed discussion of neurological examination techniques. It also covers basic formulation of differential diagnoses and management using neuroradiology, electrophysiology, genetic and metabolic testing, including sampling cerebrospinal fluids essential in the diagnosis and management of infectious conditions. The second section of the book follows a problem-based approach recognising how diseases present in the real world. It employs practical, symptom and sign-based strategies for virtually all conditions encountered by the practitioner. Throughout the authors emphasise patterns of disease and how recognising them can be the first step to successful management of the child with a neurological problem. They conclude with a detailed discussion of neurological emergencies and recognise that such conditions present first to someone other than to a paediatric neurologist. Of interest to paediatric neurologists, paediatricians, primary care physicians, and emergency physicians in training and practice. Contents Section One: Core Concepts 1. The neurological examination 2. Neuroimaging 3. Electrophysiology evaluation 4. Cerebrospinal fluid 5. Genetic evaluation 6. Newborn screening and inborn errors of metabolism. Section Two: A Problem-based Approach to Paediatric Neurological Disorders 7. Disorders of development 8. Disorders of behaviour and cognition 9. Disorders of hearing and language 10. Disorders of head size and shape 11. Disorders of cranial nerves 12. Disorders of peripheral nerves 13. Disorders of gait and balance 14. Disorders of sleep 15. Disorders of newborn 16. Acute and focal deficits 17. The dimorphic child 18. Headaches 19. Hypotonia/weakness 20. Neurological infections 21. Movement disorders 22. Seizures and other paroxysmal disorders 23. Neurological emergencies Legends Further reading Index
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