Biology Of Women

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T. Hornstein, J. Schweirin
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5 ene. 2012
ABOUT THE PRODUCT Centered on the health of the human female throughout her lifespan, BIOLOGY OF WOMEN, 5th Edition continues to provide an excellent framework to discuss women's physiology, biology, and overall health. Thorough revisions to this benchmark text make the Fifth Edition both scientifically accurate and socially relevant for today's students.. The Fifth Edition of BIOLOGY OF WOMEN covers topics from the female reproductive system to the psychobiological and socio-cultural factors that influence a woman's nutrition and physical activity. Distinctive pedagogical features include case studies, glossary of terms, and historical, economic and social perspectives. FEATURES ¡Includes information on the latest technologies, interventions, nutrition, dieting, and eating disorders. ¡Thorough coverage on women's sexual health issues, including HIV/AIDS and fertility drugs. ¡Current and in-depth treatment of cancer, heart disease, menopause, and aging. NEW TO THIS EDITION ¡The Fifth Edition is completely updated with all-new content regarding the social, historic, and multicultural factors that impact women's biology. ¡Expanded content on genetics & fetal development, pregnancy, complications of pregnancy, and labor & delivery. ¡New critical thinking exercises and case study material encourages application of the material. ¡Expanded end-of-chapter questions help students master concepts more efficiently. ¡An all-new chapter on the impact of stress on women makes the text even more relevant to today's students. ¡New full-color design with more photos and illustrations brings the content to life. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Why Biology of Women? 2. Anatomy & Physiology: An overview of the Woman's Body. 3. Reproductive Anatomy. 4. Reproductive Cycle. 5. Menstrual Problems: Causes and Treatments. 6. Reproductive Tract Infections. 7. Cancer and other Diseases of the Reproductive Tract. 8. A Woman's Breasts. 9. The Biology of Sex. 10. Genetics and Fetal Development. 11. A Woman's Body during Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery. 12. Pregnancy complications. 13. Birth Control. 14. Infertility: Causes and Treatments. 15. Menopause. 16. Nutrition: Fuel for a Woman's Body. 17. Women and Stress. 18. The Biology of Appearance. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Theresa Hornstein Theresa M. Hornstein teaches both online and traditional classes, including cell biology, microbiology, path physiology, and botany, in the Biology Dept. at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN. Her research interests include vermicomposting on campus, comparisons of online and in-class student success, the FIRE thinking model, edible landscaping, and natural dye products. Her outside interests include murder mysteries and fiber arts. Jeri Lynn Schweirin Jeri Lynn Schwerin has a Master of Science degree in Biology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of Minnesota, Duluth. She has taught and developed online science courses at Lake Superior College since 2001. She has also developed field studies courses for Lake Superior College and provided environmental outreach education about Lake Superior on board the University of Wisconsin, Superior's research vessel, the LL Smith Jr. Her interests include making pottery and photography.
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