Safety Management. Near Miss Identification, Recognition, And Investigation

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Ron C. McKinnon
Fecha Publicacion
22 ene. 2012
Identification and investigation of "near-miss" incidents can be the difference between avoiding and suffering a drastic, loss-producing accident. This book provides a step-by-step program on how to develop a "near-miss" incident program in the workplace to isolate and eliminate root causes, heal systemic weaknesses, and instill safety management systems before an accident occurs. Focusing on the successes of such safety systems at two large copper mines, numerous diverse industries, and an aluminum smelter, it includes several examples and case studies to clarify the investigative philosophy and preventive application of "near-miss" incidents. Features ¡Provides a step-by-step program on how to set up a "near-miss" incident program in the workplace ¡Critiques the accident sequence and the definition and role of a "near-miss" in the future of the organization ¡Explains how this aspect of a safety program has a profound impact on improving the safety at a workplace ¡Outlines management function in safety and how they relate to "near-miss" incidents ¡Includes a number of examples and case studies to clarify the philosophy behind "near-miss" incidents ¡Focuses on the success of implementing such a safety program at two large copper mines as well as numerous diverse industries and an aluminum smelter in the Middle East Table of Contents ¡Introduction. ¡The Philosophy of Near Miss Incidents. ¡Safety Management Principles relating to Near Miss Incidents. ¡Near Miss Incident Risk Assessment and Risk Management. ¡Near Miss Incident Policies. ¡Safety Auditing. ¡Near Miss Incident and Accident Recall. ¡How to Motivate for Safety. ¡Near Miss Incidents and Safety Paradigms. ¡Implementing a Near Miss Incident System. ¡Investigating High Potential Near Miss Incidents. ¡Summary.
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