The Neuroscience Of Handwriting. Applications For Forensic Document Examination

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Michael P. Caligiuri, Linton A. Mohamed
Fecha Publicacion
8 mar. 2012
Summary Applicable to professionals and researchers in the forensic document examination community and the legal community, this book provides a comprehensive review of important neuroscientific principles underlying normal and pathologic hand motor control and handwriting. The empirical data provides a strong basis for strengthening the foundations of forensic document examination. The book includes current results from the authorfs laboratories on the effects of disease and medication on handwriting, a presently growing problem due to the aging population. The text covers the physiologic processes underlying handwriting and signature production and includes research on motor control, kinematics, and robotics. Features ¡Includes up-to-date technical information and research ¡Covers physiologic processes underlying handwriting and signature production ¡Provides research on motor control, kinematics, and robotics ¡Discusses change in handwriting due to disease and medicationTable of Contents Table of Contents ¡NEUROANATOMY AND NEUROPHYSIOLOGY OF HANDWRITING MOVEMENTS ¡Historical Perspective ¡Neuroanatomical Bases of Handwriting Movements ¡Neurochemical Bases on Motor Function ¡MOTOR CONTROL ¡Models of Motor Control ¡Handwriting as a Motor Program ¡QUANTITATIVE APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF HANDWRITING MOVEMENTS ¡Handwriting Kinematics ¡Empirical Research on Signature Verification ¡Movement Dynamics in Forged Signatures ¡Pen Pressure as a Discriminating Variable ¡DISEASE, DRUGS AND AGING ¡Neurologic Disorders and Handwriting ¡Psychotropic Medications and Handwriting ¡Substance Abuse and Handwriting ¡Normal and Pathological Aging and Effects on Handwriting ¡SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS IN FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINATION Author Michael P. Caligiuri, Ph.D. is an affiliate of University of California, San Diego, USA. Linton Mohammed is an affiliate of Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
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