Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cerebrovascular Diseases

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José M. Ferro
Fecha Publicacion
23 feb. 2013
Contact us to make your book available again Neuropsychiatric complications in cerebrovascular disease have become an increasing focus of interest as an indicator of outcome Comprehensive overview by experts in the field internationally Provides an overview of new drugs available that may be useful in the management of stroke patients Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cerebrovascular Diseases is an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the neuropsychiatry of stroke, by active authorities in the field, with an emphasis on diagnostic and management issues. Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cerebrovascular Diseases includes critical appraisal of the methodological aspects and limitations of the current research on the neuropsychiatry of stroke and on unanswered questions/controversies. Pharmacological aspects of management are discussed, to provide robust information on drug dosages, side effects and interaction, in order to enable the reader to manage these patients more safely. Illustrative cases provide real life scenarios that are clinically relevant and engaging to read. Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cerebrovascular Diseases is aimed at neurologists, stroke physicians and psychiatrists, and will also be of interest to intensive care doctors, psychologists ad neuropsychologists, research and specialist nurses, clinical researchers and methodologists. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » cerebrovascular disease - cognitive - neuropsychiatry - stroke - vascular Related subjects » Cardiology & Angiology - Critical Care & Emergency Medicine - Neurology - Psychology Table of contents Part 1: Psychiatry of Stroke.- Delirium in stroke patients.- Poststroke Illusions and Hallucinations.- Depression after Stroke.- Mania.- Anxiety Disturbances in Stroke Patients.- Apathy.- Disturbances in the voluntary control of emotional expression after stroke.- Poststroke Aggressiveness.- Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cerebrovascular Diseases.- Part 2: Psychiatry of Vascular Cognitive Impairment.- Neuropsychiatric symptoms of CADASIL.- Neuropsychiatric aspects of vascular cognitive impairment.- Part 3: Cerebrovascular Disease and Psychiatric Disturbances.- Psychological and psychiatric triggers and risk factors for stroke.- Vascular Depression.- Cerebrovascular Disease and Bipolar Disorder.
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