Insomnia: Guide to Modern Therapy

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Steven P. James, Wallace B. Mendelson, Michael L. Perlis
Informa Healthcare
Fecha Publicacion
15 dic. 2015
Treatment-oriented and focusing on medications and therapies currently at the forefront of the science, this guide
  • covers the latest research on the biological basis of insomnia
  • discusses the most recent pharmacological and behavioral therapies
  • reflects the expertise of internationally recognized leaders in the field
  • examines possible triggers of insomnia, as well as the symptoms and diagnosis of this disorder

  • Exploring current treatment regimens and emerging pharmaceuticals, this reference provides an expert overview of this common medical condition with contributions from acknowledged authorities in sleep medicine. Spanning the wide array of treatment options available, from over-the-counter and herbal drugs to cognitive-behavioral therapy and sedative-hypnotic medications, this guide will provide quick-access to key information required by clinicians as they care for patients suffering from insomnia.

    Table of Contents
    CONSIDERATIONS IN THE TREATMENT OF INSOMNIA. Introduction: Insomnia is Not an Overnight Success. The Treatment of Insomnia: A Historical Perspective. Psychological Understanding of Insomnia and Behavioral Approaches to Treatment. The Biological Foundation of Insomnia and the Role of Neurotransmitters. PHARMACOLOGY OF SLEEP WITH THE NEWER DRUGS AND NON-PRESCRIPTION AGENTS. The Pharmacology of the Partial Benzodiazepine Agonists and Sleep: Zolpidem, Zaleplon, and Indiplon. Eszopiclone: Pharmacology and Effect on Sleep. REmeleton and Melatonin: Pharmacology and Effect on Sleep. Herbal and OTC Treatments of Sleep. Future Directions in the Treatment of Insomnia

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