Biological Psychiatry Of Cancer And Cancer Treatment

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Andrew Hodgkiss
Fecha Publicacion
21 oct. 2016
As long-term cancer survival becomes a widely-shared experience, the quality of life of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis is increasingly important. Optimisingthe prevention and treatment of any psychiatric consequences of certain tumours and treatments is now central to high-quality cancer care.  Biological Psychiatry of Cancer and Cancer Treatment provides the reader with expert guidance on how to prevent, detect and manage the 'organic' psychiatric disordersexperienced by people with cancer. Containing 13 chapters on topics from 'Surgery and Radiotherapy', and 'Hormone and Cytokine treatments' to 'Clinical PsychiatricAssessment of Patients with Cancer' this unique resource offers readers with fully up-to-date and high-quality information on how to enhance the quality of life for patientsliving with, and beyond cancer. Offering a unique approach to oncology and psycho-oncology, Biological Psychiatry of Cancer and Cancer Treatment is an invaluable resource for academicpsychiatrists, liaison psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, Oncologists, neuro-oncologists, palliative medicine doctors and drug development scientists.  Table of contents 1: Introduction to cancer biology 2: Introduction to biological and molecular psychiatry 3: Introduction to clinical neuropsychiatry 4: Psychiatric consequences of particular cancers 5: Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: Surgery and Radiotherapy 6: Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: Conventional chemotherapy 7: Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: Hormone and Cytokine treatments 8: Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: 'Small molecule' molecularly-targeted agents 9: Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 10: Opportunities for prevention, or early detection, of psychopathology 11: Clinical Psychiatric Assessment of Patients with Cancer 12: Further Clinical Issues 13: Therapeutic strategies
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