Multimodality Imaging Guidance In Interventional Pain Management

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Samer N. Narouze
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21 oct. 2016
Multimodality Imaging Guidance for Interventional Pain Management is a comprehensive resource that covers fluoroscopy-guided procedures, ultrasound interventions, and computedtomography (CT)-guided procedures used in interventional pain management. Fluoroscopy-guided procedures have been the standard of care for many years and are widely available and affordable. Due to the lack of radiation exposure and the ability to see various softtissue structures, ultrasound-guided interventions are more precise and safer. Primarily performed by radiologists, the benefits, disadvantages, and basic techniques of CT-guided procedures arealso included in the volume. By covering all imaging modalities,Multimodality Imaging Guidance for Interventional Pain Management allows for an efficient comparison of the capabilities ofeach modality.  Table of contents Part I: Introduction to Multimodality Imaging Guidance 1. Basics of Fluoroscopy 2. Basics of Ultrasound 3. Basics of CT-guided Injections Part II: Spine Anatomy and Injections Section A. Cervical Spine 4. Cervical Transforaminal/Nerve Root Injections: Fluoroscopy 5. Cervical Nerve Root Block: Ultrasound 6. Cervical Nerve Root Injections: CT 7. Cervical Facet Nerve Block and Radio Frequency Application (RFA): Fluoroscopy 8. Cervical Facet Nerve Blocks: Ultrasound 9. Cervical Intra-Articular Facet Block: CT 10. Cervical Interlaminar Epidural Injections: Fluoroscopy 11. Atlanto-axial joint (AAJ) Injection: Ultrasound-guided 12. Atlanto-axial Joint (AAJ) Injection: CT and Flouroscopy/Digital Subtraction Section B. Thoracic Spine 13. Thoracic Epidural and Nerve Root Injections: Fluoroscopy 14. Thoracic Nerve Root and Facet Injections: CT-Guided 15. Thoracic Facet Nerve Joints: Fluoroscopy Section C. Lumbar Spine 16. Lumbar Transforaminal and Nerve Root Injections: Fluoroscopy 17. Lumbar Transforaminal Injections: Ultrasound 18. Lumbar Transforaminal and Nerve Root Injection: CT 19. Facet Joint Interventions: Fluoroscopy 20. Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks: Ultrasound 21. Lumbar Epidural Injections: Fluoroscopy 22. Central Neuraxial Blockade: Ultrasound 23. Lumbar Disc Procedures: Fluoroscopy Section D. Sacrum 24. Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection: Fluoroscopy 25. Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection: Ultrasound 26. Vertebral Augmentation: Fluoroscopy and CT Part III: Non-spinal Injections Section A. Sympathetic and Visceral Blocks 27. Cervical Sympathetic Block: Fluoroscopy 28. Stellate Ganglion Block: Ultrasound Guided 29. Stellate Ganglion Block and Neurolysis: CT 30. Lumbar Sympathetic Block: Fluoroscopy 31. Lumbar Sympathetic Block and Neurolysis: CT 32. Celiac Plexus Blockade and Neurolysis: Fluoroscopy 33. Celiac Plexus Blockade and Neurolysis: Ultrasound 34. Celiac Plexus Blockade and Neurolysis: CT 35. Superior Hypogastric Block and Neurolysis: CT, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound 36. Ganglion Impar Block: Fluoroscopy and US Section B. Peripheral Nerve Blocks 37. Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Chronic Pain Part IV: Musculoskeletal Applications Section A. Joint Injections 38. Sacroiliac Joint Injection: Fluoroscopy 39. Sacroiliac Joint Injections: CT 40. Hip Joint Injections: US 41. Knee Joint Injections: Ultrasound 42. Ankle and Foot Injections: US 43. Shoulder Interventional Procedure Under Ultrasound Guidance 44. Elbow Injections: US 45. Hand and Wrist Injections: US Section B. Soft Tissue Injections 46. Pyriformis Muscle Injections: Fluoroscopy 47. Piriformis Muscle, Psoas Muscle and Quadaratus lumborum Muscle Injections: Ultrasound 48. Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Injections: Flouroscopy
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