Social Marketing Research For Global Public Health. Methods And Technologies

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W Douglas Evans
Fecha Publicacion
29 ago. 2016
Like all aspects of society, public health practice has been fundamentally changed by the emergence of electronic and social media as centerpieces of human communication and connection. More than ever,public health practitioners rely on these new marketing and communications technologies to promote longstanding goals like disease prevention and fostering social responsibility.  Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health offers proven guidelines for crafting campaigns that work in public health. It equips readers with tools pioneered by corporate marketers to increase theefficacy of public health interventions in any setting. It also provides practical advice to practitioners seeking to assess their interventions, along with examples for effective outreach to promote smoking cessation,financial literacy, and other social goods.  Combining overviews of marketing theory and methodology with practical chapters specific to public health, Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health provides a crucial and holistic understandingfor this new imperative in the field.  Table of contents Preface Foreword 1. Introduction to Social Marketing Research 2. Research Methods & Evidence for Social Marketing 3. Formative Research 4. Brand Research 5. Efficacy and Message Testing Methods for Social Marketing Research 6. Monitoring and Evaluation Research: Tools and Evidence for Understanding Social Marketing Performance During and After Implementation 7. Social Marketing Research in the Digital Media Age 8. Quasi-Experimental and Heavy-Up Experiments in Social Marketing 9. Case Studies: Social Marketing Research in Action 10. Lessons Learned and Future Social Marketing Research
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