Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide

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Suks Minhas, Jhon Mulhall
Fecha Publicacion
19 feb. 2017
Sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages and incidence rates are expected to double by 2025 resulting in a major health burden. Though normal sexual function is an important aspect of health and well-being, sadly, this common condition still carries an associated stigma. As a result, affected men are often reluctant to approach their doctor and, instead, may live for many years with sexual dysfunction, often to the detriment of their personal lives. Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide covers all the common problems encountered by the clinician in this rapidly expanding and developing field. With full color throughout, this easy to read guide provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to patient management. Packed with key features, every chapter will contain flow diagrams and algorithms, key points, clinical pearls, what to avoid boxes, and numerous tables, graphs and photographs . This book provides: ◾Comprehensive focus on the core clinical areas of physiology/pharmacology, investigation, diagnosis, management and surgical options ◾Coverage of all treatment pathways, including psychological, pharmacologic and surgical ◾A straightforward, logical approach to clinical management ◾An experienced and international editor and contributor team Expertly-written, this book is the perfect resource for urologists and general practitioners with an interest in this highly topical area, as well as those about to undergo their urology trainee examinations. Contents List of contributors, vii Foreword, x 1 Epidemiology of male sexual dysfunction 1 Raanan Tal 2 Physiology of ejaculation 8 Marcel D. Waldinger 3 Physiology of penile erection 14 Uwais B. Zaid, Xiaoyu Zhang, and Tom F. Lue 4 Anatomy of penile erection 22 Lindsay Yuh and Alan Shindel 5 Endocrinology of male sexual dysfunction 30 Salim Janmohamed and Pierre-Marc G. Bouloux 6 Pharmacology of drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction 48 Ian Eardley 7 Pharmacology of drugs used in premature ejaculation 56 Michael Grant Wyllie 8 Cardiovascular risk and erectile dysfunction 62 Graham Jackson 9 The evaluation of the patient with erectile dysfunction 69 Geoffrey Hackett 10 Endocrinological investigation of men with erectile dysfunction 79 Giovanni Corona, Linda Vignozzi, and Mario Maggi 11 Duplex ultrasonography and its role in the assessment of male sexual dysfunction 91 Conrad von Stempel and Miles Walkden 12 MRI in men with sexual dysfunction 102 Alex Kirkham 13 The metabolic syndrome and ED 109 Mark Paulos and Martin Miner 14 Psychological assessment of patients with ED 120 Catherine Benedict and Christian J. Nelson 15 Nocturnal penile tumescence study 129 Chi-Ying Li, Stephen Larsen, and Tet Yap 16 Psychosexual therapy for male sexual dysfunction 133 Angela Gregory 17 Treatment of premature ejaculation and ejaculatory disorders 143 Michael Kirby 18 Erectile dysfunction and infertility 152 Vikram Soni, Alexander W. Pastuszak, and Mohit Khera 19 Drug therapy for erectile dysfunction 172 Francisco J. Garcia, Eric Chung, and Gerald Brock 20 Priapism 194 Varun Sahdev, David Ralph, and Asif Muneer 21 Management of erectile dysfunction after pelvic surgery 203 Kelly A. Chiles and John P. Mulhall 22 Management of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes 210 Marc Lucky, Suks Minhas, and Jas Kalsi 23 Management of erectile dysfunction in neurological patients 220 Katarina Ivana Tudor and Jalesh N. Panicker 24 Non-surgical therapy for Peyronie’s disease 229 Rowland Rees and Victoria Dawson 25 Micropenis and penile dysmorphobia: diagnosis, management, outcomes, and future developments in the field 236 Oliver Kayes, Lizzie Chandra, and Andrew Yates 26 Surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease 246 Ates Kadioglu and Emre Salabas 27 Penile implant surgery 258 Patrick Selph and Culley Carson 28 Vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction 270 Ronny B.W. Tan and Wayne J.G. Hellstrom 29 Penile cancer 276 Majid Shabbir and Paul K. Hegarty 30 Penile reconstruction and trauma 283 C.J. Shukla and Suks Minhas 31 Disorders of sex development 294 Dan Wood 32 Sexual dysfunction and prostate cancer therapy 302 Ashley Ridout, Mark Emberton, and Caroline Moore 33 Assessment and management of the male to female transgender patient 314 Tina G. Rashid, Phillip Thomas, and James Bellringer Index 323
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