Mindfulness And Performance (Current Perspectives In Social And Behavioral Sciences)

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Amy L. Baltzell
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
6 mar. 2017
Incorporating the theoretical conceptualizations of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ellen Langer, this volume illustrates how performers from a variety of disciplines - including sport, dance and music - can use mindfulness to achieve peak performance and improve personal well-being. Leadingscholars in the field present cutting-edge research and outline their unique approach to mindfulness that is supported by both theory and practice. They provide an overview of current mindfulness-based manuals and programs used around the globe in countries such as the UnitedStates, China and Australia, exploring their effectiveness across cultures. Mindfulness and Performance will be a beneficial reference for practitioners, social and sport psychologists, coaches, athletes, teachers and students.  Covers a broad range of applied settings Combines the theoretical understanding and the practical application of mindfulness as it pertains to performance Provides both an intellectual and an empirical overview of the current state of mindfulness and performance Contents Part I. Introduction to Mindfulness: History and Theoretical Understanding: 1. Mindfulness scholarship and interventions: a review Itai Ivtzan and Rona Hart 2. Mindfulness, emotion regulation, and performance Zella E. Moore 3. Self-compassion, distress tolerance, and mindfulness in performance Amy L. Baltzell 4. Flow and mindfulness in performance Susan Jackson 5. Peak performance: Langerian mindfulness and flow Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Elizabeth Ward and Ellen J. Langer 6. Langerian mindfulness and liminal performing spaces Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi Part II. Formal Mindfulness Interventions in Sport: 7. Scientific advancements of mindfulness- and acceptance-based models in sport psychology: a decade in time, a seismic shift in philosophy and practice Frank L. Gardner 8. Mindful sport performance enhancement (MPSE): development and application Keith A. Kaufman, Carol R. Glass and Tim R. Pineau 9. Mindfulness training in elite athletes: mPEAK with BMX cyclists Lori Haase, Göran Kenttä, Steven Hickman, Amy L. Baltzell and Martin Paulus Part III. Mindfulness: Theory to Practice in Sport and Exercise: 10. Mindfulness and the Olympic athlete – a personal journey Peter Haberl 11. Mindfulness training program for Chinese athletes and its effectiveness Gangyan Si, Cheuk-Hang Lo and Chunqing Zhang 12. The mindful AFL player: engagement, mobile apps, and well-being Jo Mitchell and Craig Hassed 13. Mindfulness and exercise Rebecca Sherlock-Shangraw and Vanessa Loverme Akhtar 14. Mindfulness, eating, body, and performance Jessyca Arthur-Cameselle Part IV. Mindfulness and the Performing Arts: 15. Langerian mindfulness and optimal performance Amy L. Baltzell and Trevor A. Cote 16. Mindfulness and dancers Gene M. Moyle 17. Attention, centering, and being mindful: medical specialties to the performing arts Patsy Tremayne and Ashlee Morgan 18. Mindfulness in music Tim Patston Part V. Mindfulness for Coaches, Practitioners, and Mentors: 19. Interpersonal mindfulness for athletic coaches and other performance professionals Joe Mannion and Mark Andersen 20. Utilizing mindfulness strategies in mentoring and coaching socially vulnerable youth John McCarthy and Laura Hayden 21. Awareness, self-awareness, and mindfulness: the application of theory to practice Burt Giges and Gerald Reid Part VI. Future Directions: 22. The future of mindfulness and performance across disciplines Amy L. Baltzell and Josh Summers.  Editor Amy L. Baltzell, Boston University Amy L. Baltzell is Clinical Associate Professor of Counseling and Applied Human Development at Boston University, where she directs graduate training in sport psychology. Her publications include Living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for Performance in Sport and Life (2011) and Whose Game Is It, Anyway?: A Guide to Helping your Child Get the Most from Sports, Organized by Age and Stage (with Richard D. Ginsburg and Stephen Durant, 2006). Contributors Itai Ivtzan, Rona Hart, Zella E. Moore, Amy L. Baltzell, Susan Jackson, Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Elizabeth Ward, Ellen J. Langer, Frank L. Gardner, Keith A. Kaufman, Carol R. Glass, Tim R. Pineau, Lori Haase, Göran Kenttä, Steven Hickman, Martin Paulus, Peter Haberl, Gangyan Si, Cheuk-Hang Lo, Chunqing Zhang, Jo Mitchell, Craig Hassed, Rebecca Sherlock-Shangraw, Vanessa Loverme Akhtar, Jessyca Arthur-Cameselle, Trevor A. Cote, Gene M. Moyle, Patsy Tremayne, Ashlee Morgan, Tim Patston, Joe Mannion, Mark Andersen, John McCarthy, Laura Hayden, BurtGiges, Gerald Reid, Josh Summers
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