Kidney Stones. Medical And Surgical Management 2nd Ed.

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Fredric Coe, Elaine M. Worcester, James E. Lingeman, Andrew P. Evan
Fecha Publicacion
7 mar. 2017
This book is the new edition of this comprehensive guide to the medical and surgical management of kidney stones. Divided into three main sections, the text begins with discussion on the basic formation of kidney stones, followed by mineral metabolism and diseases that lead to the formation of stones, with the final section describing surgical management techniques. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded with new topics including imaging methods, non invasive surgical techniques, and management in special cases such as pregnancy. This new edition also includes discussion on stones in children. With an internationally recognised author team led by US-based specialists, this 900-page text is highly illustrated with clinical photographs and diagrams. Previous edition published in 1995. Key Points Comprehensive guide to medical and surgical management of kidney stones Fully revised second edition, with many new topics Highly illustrated with clinical photographs and diagrams over 900 pages Internationally recognised, US-based author team Contents Section 1: An Overview of Kidney Stone Disease 1. Epidemiology Of Kidney Stones 2. Solution Chemistry And Crystallization 3. Biology And Clinical Relevance Of Urine Inhibitors 4. Characteristics Of Human Kidney Stones 5. Crystals In Human Kidneys And Formation Of Stones 6. Caox And Cap Crystal Interactions With Renal Cells 7. Animal Models Of Human Kidney Stones Section 2: Mineral Metabolism and Stone Forming Diseases 8. Vitamin D Pth And Regulation Of Mineral Balance 9. Gastrointestinal And Renal Mineral Transport And Regulation 10. Renal Citrate Handling And Hypocitraturia 11. Urine Ph: Relationship To Integrative Physiology Of Calcium, Phoshate, And Magnesium, And Prevention Of Calcium Phosphate Precipitation 12. Acid Base Balance, Hypercalciuria And Bone 13. Idiopathic Hypercalciuria 14. Bone Histopathology And Disease In Hypercalciuria 15. Gi And Renal Oxalate Transporters 16. Idiopathic Calcium Stone Formers 17. Stones In Primary Hyperparathyroidism 18. Stones In Bowel Disease 19. Primary Hyperoxaluria 20. Renal Tubular Acidosis And Urolithiasis 21. Medullary Sponge Kidney And Human Monogenic Hypercalciurias 22. Cystinuria And Uncommon Organic Stones 23. Drug-Induced Stones 24. Uric Acid Stones: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology And Treatment 25. Pediatric Kidney Stone Disease 26. Chronic Kidney Disease And Stone Disease Section 3: Surgical Management of Kidney Stones 27. Natural History Of Renal And Ureteral Calculi Including Propulsive Therapies 28. Stone Factors Affecting Treatment Choices (Anatomy, Composition, Etc.) 29. Preoperative Preparations For Stone Surgery 30. Radiological Imaging OfNephrolithiasis: Emerging Technologies And Radiation Safety 31. Contemporary Outcomes For Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Ureteroscopy, And Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy 32. Shock Wave Lithotripsy In Management Of Stones 33. Ureteroscopy In The Management Of Stones 34. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy In Management Of Stones: Present Role, Approaches, Outcomes And Complications 35. Special Considerations In Uteteroscopy 36. The Role Of Laparoscopy And Open Surgery 37. Surgical Management Of Stones In Children Author information  Fredric Coe MD Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, Kidney Stone Prevention Program, Director, Clinical Research Training Program, Department of Medicine, Nephrology, University of Chicago School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, USA Elaine M Worcester MD Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Nephrology, Chicago, Illinois, USA James E Lingeman MD Professor, Department of Urology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana Clinic Urology, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Andrew P Evan MD Chancellor's Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA
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