Study Guide For Maternal-Child Nursing 5th Ed.

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Emily Slone McKinney, Sharon Murray
Elsevier Internacional
Fecha Publicacion
13 abr. 2017
Learn to apply the knowledge you gain from Maternal-Child Nursing, 5th Edition to real-world scenarios with this user-friendly study guide. Specifically designed to parallel the material in the McKinney text, it’s full of hands-on learning exercises, practical activities, and valuable review of essential concepts and skills to help cement your understanding of maternity and pediatric nursing care and apply that knowledge to the clinical world. ◾Revised review questions reflect the study guide’s updated content and allow you to quickly check your understanding of text material. ◾Learning exercises include matching, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions to test your knowledge of the important material from each chapter. ◾Expanded critical thinking exercises further test your critical thinking and decision making skills. ◾Case studies and critical thinking exercises help you apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. ◾Suggested learning activities for community and clinical settings enhance your understanding of the content. ◾NEW! Completely updated content matches the textbook and provides a comprehensive review of essential maternal-child concepts and skills
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