NCLEX-PN Q&A Plus! Made Incredibly Easy! 2nd Ed.

40,85 €
Leigh W. Moore
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Fecha Publicacion
13 abr. 2017
NCLEX-PN Q&A Plus! Made Incredibly Easy, 2E is designed to help pre-licensure nursing students in practical and vocational nursing programs prepare to take the licensing examination. Used with Lippincott NCLEX-PN PassPoint, the digital and print resources together act as an ongoing assessment tool to monitor progress throughout the curriculum. The book is divided into seven parts. Part 1 explains the basics of NCLEX test construction and gives ideas to students about how they should prepare. Parts II to V are desinged to support the four major content areas of pre-licensure programs: medical-surgical, psychiatric/mental health, maternity, and pediatric nursing. Within these four sections, each begins with a bulleted content review of essential concepts, followed by multiple questions and answers in a side-by-side format. Part VI, "Coordinated Care," emphasizes content areas that go across all the other content areas and are critical for any nurse to know to be a safe and effective practitioner: management/supervision and ethical/legal issues. Part VII consists of twocomprehensive tests. One contains 85 questions (the minimum number of items any student taking the NCLEX-PN will receive) and the other contains 205 questions (the maximum number of items any student taking the NCLEX-PN will receive). The product offers more than 4,000 questions that prompt active learning and higher-order thinking. The questions align with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) 2017 PN test plan, and are written in the style used on thelicensing examination. Other features include the use of all alternate-format questions found on the licensing examination, detailed rationale for both correct and incorrect answers, and information about the NCLEX-PN. Contents Part 1: Surviving the NCLEX Chapter 1: Preparing for the NCLEX Chapter 2: Passing the NCLEX Part II: Care of the adult Chapter 3 Cardiovascular disorders Chapter 4: Hematologic & immune disorders Chapter 5: Respiratory disorders Chapter 6: Neurosensory disorders Chapter 7: Musculoskeletal disorders Chapter 8: Gastrointestinal disorders Chapter 9: Endocrine disorders Chapter 10: Genitourinary disorders Chapter 11:Integumentary disorders Part III: Care of the psychiatric client Chapter 12: Somatoform & sleep disorders Chapter 13: Anxiety & mood disorders Chapter 14: Cognitive disorders Chapter 15: Personality disorders Chapter 16: Schizophrenic & delusional disorders Chapter 17: Substance abuse disorders Chapter 18: Dissociative disorders Chapter 19: Sexual & gender identity disorders Chapter 20: Eating disorders Part IV: Maternal-neonatal care Chapter 21: Antepartum care Chapter 22: Intrapartum care Chapter 23: Postpartum care Chapter 24: Neonatal care Part V: Care of the child Chapter 25: Growth & development Chapter 26: Cardiovascular disorders Chapter 27: Hematologic & Immune disorders Chapter 28: Respiratory disorders Chapter 29: Neurosensory disorders Chapter 30: Musculoskeletal disorders Chapter 31: Gastrointestinal disorders Chapter 32: Endocrine disorders Chapter 33: Genitourinary disorders Chapter 34: Integumentary disorders Part VI: Coordinated care Chapter 35: Concepts of management & care Chapter 36: Ethical & legal issues Appendices Comprehensive test 1 Comprehensive test 2
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