The Moss Physcomitrella

170,10 €
Pierre-Francois Perroud, Celia Knight, David Cove
Blackwell Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
1 dic. 2008

The moss Physcomitrella patens has rapidly become an experimental model of choice for many aspects of molecular, cell and developmental biology in plant sciences. With a recently sequenced genome, which has further fuelled interest and research, Physcomitrella is becoming known as the Drosophila of plant sciences.

Commencing with a chapter which places Physcomitrella into phylogenetic position, this important publication then covers the following major topics. Population genetics, genome, transcripts and metabolomics, gene targeting, hormones, small RNAs, tip growth, chloroplasts, sporophyte development, dessication and oxidative stress, sugar metabolism, and pathogenesis.

With chapters contributed by many of the World's leading workers in the area, this landmark book is essential reading for all those studying plant evolutionary biology, genomics, molecular and cell biology and genetics. Libraries in all universities and research establishments, where biological sciences are studied and taught, should have copies of this book on their shelves.

Putting Physcomitrella on the Tree of Life
Prof. Brent Mishler, University of Berkeley, US

Population genetics
Dr Stuart McDaniel, Washington University, St Louis, US

Genome, transcripts and metabolomics
Dr Stefan Rensing, University of Freiburg, Germany

Gene targeting
Dr Yasuko Kamisugi and Dr Andrew Cuming, University of Leeds, UK

Hormones (cytokinin, auxin and ABA)
Dr Klaus von Schwarzenberg, University of Hamburg, Germany

Small RNAs
Dr Michael Axtell, Penn State University, US

Tip Growth
Dr Pierre-Francois Perroud and Dr Magdelana Bezanilla, Washington University, St Louis and University of Massachusetts

Dr Yuki Yasamura, John Innes Centre, UK

Sporophyte development
Prof. Mitsuyasu Hasebe NIBB, Okazaki, Japan

Desiccation and oxidative Stress
Prof. Ralph Quatrano, Washington University, St Louis, US

Sugar Metabolism
Prof. Hans Ronne, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Dr Michael Lawton, Ruttgers University, US

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