Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry

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Alan Thomas, Tom Dening, Catherine Oppenheimer, Robin Jacoby
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
10 ene. 2008
The Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry is the new edition of the much loved textbook previously published as Psychiatry in the Elderly. It has established itself as the standard textbook in its field due to its unique combination of comprehensive coverage, clear writing and authoritative and up-to-date information. This new edition maintains these strengths, with chapters covering the basic sciences underpinning old age psychiatry, clinical practice, psychiatric services for older people, specific disorders and medico-legal and ethical issues. The text has been extensively updated, with several new chapters added reflecting developments in the speciality. These include chapters on: different psychotherapies, e.g. interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, and electroconvulsive therapy; memory clinics and liaison old age psychiatry; mild cognitive impairment and sleep disorders; and chapters by patients reflecting their experiences of their illnesses. The textbook has expanded to include 73 contributors from 8 different countries covering the panoply of relevant expertise.The editorial team has also grown with Robin Jacoby and Catherine Oppenheimer now being joined by Tom Dening and Alan Thomas. The breadth of authoritative coverage will continue to make this book one which all old age psychiatrists and trainees will want to have on their bookshelves. Geriatricians and other health professionals working with older people will also find in this book a handy resource to assist them when dealing with psychiatric disorders in older people. Contents: PART I - BASIC SCIENCE; 1. Biological aspects of of human ageing; 2. Sociological approaches to age and ageing; 3. Cognitive change in old age; 4. Epidemiology; 5. Neuropathology; 6. Neurochemical pathology of neurodegenerative disorders of old age; 7. The genetics and molecular biology of dementia; 8. Psychometry in older persons; 9. Principles of cerebral cortical development; PART II - CLINICAL PRACTICE; 10. Psychiatric assessment of older people; 11. Clinical cognitive assessment; 12. Physical assessment of older patients; 13. Neuroimaging and neurophysiology in the lederly; 14. Psychopharmacology in the elderly; 15. Electroconvulsive therapy; 16. Social work, older people and mental health; 17. Person centred care; 18i Psychological treatments - introduction; 18ii Cognitive behavioural therapy; 18iii Interpersonal therapy; 18iv Family therapy; 18v Psychodynamic therapy; 18vi Non-pharmacolological interventions in care homes; PART III - PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES; 19. Principles of service provision in old age psychiatry; 20. Primary care of older people with mental illness; 21. Memory clinics; 22. Liaison old age psychiatry; 23. Mental health in care homes for older people; 24. Good design for dementia means a better building for everyone; PART IV - SPECIFIC DISORDERS; 25. Epidemiology of the dementias of old age; 26. Mild cognitive impairment; 27. Clinical aspects of dementia; 27i Living with dementia; 27ii The syndrome of dementia; 27iii Alzheimer's disease; 27iv Vascular and mixed dementia; 27v Dementia in Parkinson's disease adn dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB); 27vi Frontotemporal dementia; 27vii Neurological dementias; 27viii Specific pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer's disease; 27ix The management of dementia; 28. Delirium; 29. Mood disorders; 29i The experience of a depressive illness; 29ii Depressive disorders; 29iii Suicide in older persons; 29iv Manic syndromes in old age; 30. Neurotic disorders; 31. Personality in later life; 31i The effects of ageiing on personality; 31ii Personality disorder and the effects of illness on personality; 32. Late-onset schizophrenia and very late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis; 33. Severe and enduring mental illness in old age; 34. Alcohol and substance abuse in older people; 35. Working with older people with intellectual difficulties; 36. Sleep disorders in older people; PART V - SEXUALITY, ETHICS AND MEDICO-LEGAL ISSUES; 37. Sexuality in later life; 38. Ethics and old age psychiatry; 39. Elder maltreatment; 40. Psychiatric aspects of crime in the elderly; 41. Testamentary capacity; 42. Competence; 43. The legal framework in the British Isles for making decisions on behalf of mentally incapacitated people; 44. Driving and psychiatric illness in later life.
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