The Allegheny Woodrat · Ecology, Conservation, and Management of a Declining Species

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Wright, Janet, Peles, John
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1 ene. 2008
About this book

Once a common resident of the northeastern United States, the Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister) has now disappeared from areas where it was once abundant. The mystery of its decline has confounded biologists for three decades, but offers warnings for the future of other small, inconspicuous native mammals. Mammalogists John Peles and Janet Wright have synthesized current knowledge of the species in book form. The Allegheny Woodrat: Ecology, Conservation, and Management of a Declining Species provides the reader with a coherent, integrated picture illustrating the current status and distribution of the woodrat as well as the factors that have contributed to its decline. It provides background of the mammal’s ecology and genetics and insight into its future through conservation initiatives and management programs.

Through hard lessons learned and relayed in the book, the editors and contributors hope to provide both good models for, and some caveats to, general principles that may be applied to the study of other declining species. It is a real and instructive study for ecology, management and conservation.

Written for:
Ecologists, conservation biologists, wildlife managers
  • Allegheny
  • Neotoma
  • Peles
  • Wright
  • conservation
  • management
  • population ecology
  • rodent
  • scarcity
  • woodrat

Table of contents


Foreword by Alicia V. Linzey iv

Preface vii

List of Contributors xii

Section I: History and Current Status

1 History and Current Status of the Allegheny Woodrat 2

Janet Wright

2 Multiple Causes of the Allegheny Woodrat Decline: A Historical-Ecological Examination 35

Kathleen LoGiudice

Section II: Ecology

3 Woodrat Population Dynamics and Movement Patterns 69

Petra Bohall Wood

4 Home Range, Movements, and Habitat Selection 99

Steven B. Castleberry

5 Den Use Behavior of Allegheny Woodrats Inhabiting Rock Outcrops

in Pennsylvania 118

John D. Peles and Janet Wright

6 Food Selection and Caching Behavior 146

Nikole L. Castleberry and Steven B. Castleberry

Section III: Conservation and Management

7 Lessons from Long-Term Monitoring of Woodrat Populations 175

Michael T. Mengak, Calvin M. Butchkoski, Daniel J. Feller,

and Scott A. Johnson

8 Managing Surface Rock Communities for Neotoma magister 213

Jerry D. Hassinger, Calvin M. Butchkoski, and Duane R. Diefenbach

9 Genetic Diversity of Woodrats: Implications for Conservation 247

Timothy J. Smyser and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.

10 Reintroduction of Woodrats: Concepts and Applications 274

Thomas L. Serfass

11 Status and Conservation of Other At-Risk Species of North

American Woodrats 314

George A. Feldhamer and Aaron K. Poole

Section IV: Synthesis

12 Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future 338

John D. Peles and Janet Wright

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