Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck with CD-ROM

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Douglas R. Gnepp
Fecha Publicacion
1 dic. 2008

  • Identify even the most obscure disease entities thanks to comprehensive coverage of rare as well as common diagnoses.
  • Correlate cytologic appearances with histologic and clinical features for a complete, integrated approach to diagnostic interpretation and reporting.
  • Overcome difficult diagnostic challenges, thanks to a special emphasis on differential diagnosis and avoiding diagnostic pitfalls.

Confidently diagnose any form of head and neck pathology with the definitive guidance inside this respected resource! More than 1,200 full-color illustrations capture the pathologic and cytopathologic appearances of the full range of common and rare neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions you might encounter in the reporting room. This new edition places an even greater emphasis on differential diagnosis, and incorporates the latest ancillary diagnostic techniques such as immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics – enabling you to arrive at accurate diagnoses more efficiently than ever before. Plus, a new bonus CD-ROM enables you to download all of the book's images for use in your own presentations.

  • Compare specimens to nearly 3 times more full-color illustrations than were in the previous edition – 1,250 in all – representing the most comprehensive visual collection of neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions available.
  • Get the most complete diagnostic picture possible with new coverage of FNA cytology, molecular genetic techniques, and immunohistochemistry.
  • Ensure effective processing and reporting of head and neck specimens with help from a brand-new chapter on specimen handling.
  • Retrieve essential information more quickly and easily thanks to many new differential diagnostic tables, summary boxes, and highlighted key points.
  • Download all of the images from the text for use in electronic presentations with the new bonus CD-ROM.

1. Precancerous Changes of the Upper Aerodigestive System
2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Upper Aerodigestive System
3. Non-Squamous Lesions of the Nose, Paranasal Sinuses and Nasopharynx
4. Non-Squamous Lesions of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx
5. Non-Squamous Lesions of the Larynx, Hypopharynx and Trachea
6. Salivary Gland (Major and Minor) and Lacrimal Gland
7. Thyroid and Parathyroid
8. Soft Tissue and Bone Lesions
9. Odontogenic Cysts and Tumors
10. Neck – Cysts, Unknown Primary, Neck Dissection
11. Ear – External, Middle and Temporal Bone
12. Hematopoietic Lesions
13. Cutaneous Tumors and Pseudotumors
14. FNA cytology of the Head and Neck
15. Specimen Handling
Appendix: Staging for Head and Neck Tumors
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