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American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society
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15 jun. 2008
More than 675,000 men worldwide will contract leukemia this year. It is the most common male cancer in North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. Each book in the "QuickFACTS" series is both comprehensive and a quick read, with highlighted cover tabs for quick reference of specific topics. It covers everything from risk factors to living well after cancer treatment. It provides critical questions to ask the healthcare team. It educates and empowers patients right from the start. It is completely updated with the latest patient treatment guidelines. It includes a prostate cancer dictionary. The topics include: What is my type of cancer? How many people have it? What are the risk factors? What causes it? Can it be prevented? Can it be detected early? How is it diagnosed? How is it staged? How is it treated? What about complementary and alternative treatments? What should I ask my doctor? What happens after treatment? What's new in research and treatment? What information resources are available?
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