Psychiatric Intensive Care

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Carol Paton, Stephen M. Pereira, M. Dominic Beer
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
1 mar. 2008
Significantly expanded and updated from the first edition Psychiatric Intensive Care is essential reading for all healthcare professionals and managers involved in the care of the mentally ill patient, particularly in the intensive care environment. It provides practical and evidence-based advice on the management of disturbed and severely ill psychiatric patients in secure hospital settings. New chapters have been added covering multidisciplinary team working, and emphasising the interface of psychiatric intensive care with other mental health specialities; specifically, Interface with General Psychiatry, Interface with Learning Difficulties, Interface with the Child and Adolescent, Interface with Substance Misuse, Interface with Social Work, User and Carer Issues, Legal Issues and National Standards and Good Practice in Psychiatric Intensive Care. This book should be read by all mental health team members working with disturbed psychiatric patients on an inpatient basis, as well as by management staff responsible for establishing and running these services. • Provides practical advice on service organisation, management and treatment • Contains numerous text boxes summarising key points • For a multidisciplinary audience from psychiatrists, through allied health workers to service managers Contents 1. Psychiatric intensive care - development and definition M. Dominic Beer, Stephen M. Pereira and Carol Paton; 2. Management of acutely disturbed behaviour M. Dominic Beer, Carol Paton and Stephen M. Pereira; 3. De-escalation Roland Dix; 4. Rapid tranquilisation Caroline L. Holmes, Helen Simmons and Lyn Pilowsky; 5. Pharmacological therapy Chike I. Okocha; 6. Psychological approaches to the acute patient Marc Kingsley; 7. Psychological approaches to longer-term patients presenting with challenging behaviours Brian Malcolm McKenzie; 8. Seclusion Roland Dix, Christian Betteridge and Matthew J. Page; 9. Restraint and physical intervention Roland Dix; 10. The complex needs patient Zerrin Atakan and Venugopal Duddu; 11. Therapeutic activities within Psychiatric Intensive Care and Low Secure Units Faisal Kazi, Brenda Flood and Sarah Hooton; 12. Risk assessment and management Stephen M. Pereira, Sabrina Pietromartire and Maurice Lipsedge; 13. The provision of intensive care in forensic psychiatry Harvey Gordon; 14. The interface with forensic services James Anderson; 15. Supporting people with learning disabilities on general psychiatric wards, Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Low Secure Units Andrew Flynn; 16. The interface with general psychiatric services 17. The interface with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 18. Severe mental illness and substance abuse Zerrin Atakan; 19. Social work issues in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units/Low Secure Units David Buckle; 20. User and carer involvement Stephen Pereira and Kate Woollaston; 21. Setting up a new Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit: principles and practice Andrew W. Proctor; 22. Physical environment Roland Dix; 23. Managing the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit Phil Garnham; 24. Multidisciplinary teams within Psychiatric Intensive Care Units /Low Secure Units Stephen Dye and Andy Johnston; 25. National standards and good practice Andy Johnston, Stephen Dye and Navjyoat Chhina.
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