Long-term pain. A guide to practical management

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John Lee, Andrew Baranowski
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
8 feb. 2007
Up-to-date information relating to the management of patients living with long-term pain. Includes highlighted key points to emphasise learning opportunities Each chapter features relevant case histories to illustrate common clinical themes Includes references for further reading Designed for primary care clinicians, this book is about patients who suffer with long term pain. Written in a distinct, friendly style, it analyses ideas about pain from the simple to the complex and provides up-to-date and relevant information written by doctors whose practice is either wholly or substantially related to people with pain. It provides examples of everyday patients to provide clinicians with the confidence to prescribe and treat patients with more difficult pain. In an attempt to 'demystify' some areas of pain medicine it also includes details of the science behind common conditions and their remedies in order to emphasise the psychological and social impacts of pain. Readership: Aimed at primary care clinicians (including general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and pharmacists) and hospital doctors Contents 1. Why do some pains become chronic? , Sian Jaggar 2. Mechanisms of acute pain , Lesley Bromley 3. Pharmacological targets in acute pain , Mary Newton 4. Some treatments cause chronic pain: can we reduce the risk? , Brigatta Brandner 5. Assessing people with long-standing pain , Andrew Souter 6. Injections, invasive treatments and the 'whole patient' view , John Lee 7. What should I feel like after treatment at the pain clinic? , Simon Dolin and Lucy Ward 8. Prescribing for people with pain originating in the nervous system: Part one - tricyclic anti-depressants , Simon Davies 9. Prescribing for people with pain originating in the nervous system: Part two - anti convulsants , Sam Chong 10. Strong opioids in the treatment of people with non-malignant pain , Jon Francis 11. Pain of urological and genital origin , Andrew Baranowski 12. Cancer pain , James de Courcy 13. Psychological aspects of pain , Anna Mandeville and Kate Ridout 14. Non-medical treatment in managing people with long- term pain , Kelly Wynne 15. Working across boundaries in pain medicine , Trudy Towell 16. Getting back to work , Cathy Price
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