Heart Failure

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Roy S. Gardner, Theresa A. McDonagh, Niki L. Walker
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
27 sept. 2007
Presents up-to-date evidence-based medicine simply Practical manual to aid everyday management of heart failure Deals with the entire spectrum of heart failure through to advanced care Will appeal to all healthcare professionals involved in heart failure Reflects current guidelines Familiar format to healthcare professionals Algorithms for quick reference Key evidence-based medicine references given Heart failure is an important and ever expanding sub-specialty of cardiology. Many health care professional bodies are now developing specialist expertise in heart failure. This is true for cardiologists in training, consultant cardiologists, care of the elderly and general physicians, cardiothoracic surgeons, primary care doctors, pharmacists and specialist nurses. With advances in medical therapy, the prognosis of the condition has improved dramatically. Whereas once heart failure was a pre-terminal diagnosis, now for many it is treatable. However, some patients remain symptomatic and at high risk of death despite maximal medical therapy. These patients can benefit from a range of novel device therapies. Of course for those who remain symptomatic despite optimal treatment, cardiac transplantation remains an option. This book comprehensively covers all aspects necessary to manage a patient with heart failure. It gives simple, clear advice on the diagnosis, investigation and treatment options available, highlighting the current evidence-base. The chapters provide concise and objective information to guide all health care professionals involved in modern day multi-disciplinary management of the syndrome. The book is set out logically to mirror the patient journey in heart failure. This book is the first practical manual of heart failure management that addresses the needs of all the health care professionals involved. The ultimate aim of this book is to facilitate the practice of optimal evidence-based management for heart failure patients. Readership: Cardiology trainees, cardiologists, specialist nurses, primary care physicians, cardiothoracic surgeons, general physicians, allied health care professionals, medical students. Contents Foreword Professor Henry Dargie Section 1 - Chronic Heart Failure 1. Definition, epidemiology and pathophysiology 2. Diagnosis and investigation 3. Estimating prognosis 4. Non-pharmacological management 5. Pharmacological management 6. Device therapy 7. Revascularisation 8. Other surgical techniques 9. Cardiac transplantation Section 2 - Chronic Heart Failure and Co-morbid conditions 10. The patient with heart failure and angina 11. The patient with heart failure and arrhythmias 12. The patient with heart failure and arthritis 13. The patient with heart failure and anaemia 14. The patient with heart failure and adult congenital heart disease 15. The patient with heart failure and diabetes 16. The patient with heart failure and obstructive lung disease 17. The patient with heart failure and renal dysfunction 18. The patient with heart failure and valvular disease 19. The patient with heart failure and specific heart muscle disease 20. The patient with heart failure and preserved systolic function 21. The patient with heart failure and sleep-disordered breathing 22. The patient with heart failure and cancer Section 3 - Acute Heart Failure 23. Acute Heart Failure - from definition to diagnosis 24. Acute Heart Failure - management Section 4 - Procedures 25. Central venous cannulation 26. Cardiac catheterisation 27. Cardiac biopsy 28. IABP insertion 29. Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing 30. The assessment of dysynchrony Section 5 - Detailed pharmacology and evidence-base for drugs 31. ACE inhibitors 32. Beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists 33. Aldosterone antagonists 34. Angiotensin receptor antagonists 35. Diuretics 36. Inotropes and Vasopressors 37. Vasodilators Section 6 38. How to set up and run a heart failure clinic Section 7 39. End of life issues
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