Antiparasitic and Antibacterial Drug Discovery: From Molecular Targets to Drug Candidates

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Paul M. Selzer
Fecha Publicacion
1 abr. 2009
Mainly addressing parasitic diseases but also focusing on diseases caused by bacteria, this much-needed reference and handbook provides a unique insight into the approach adopted by commercial science towards infectious diseases, including the work of medicinal chemists. Many of the authors are scientists with hands-on experience of drug discovery units within the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the text covers efforts towards drug development in infectious diseases from academic groups and non profit organizations.

Editor Preface
Drug Discovery: Learning to Relate Structural Space with Property Space
Target Based Drug Discovery in the Animal Health Industry
A Combined Bioinformatics and Molecular Biological Approach Toward the Gap Closure within a Bacterial Contig Genome
Veterinary Drug Candidate Generation in the Genomic Era: Tailor Made Approaches.
Optimization of NADH-Fumarate Oxidoreductase Inhibitors by Application of Conformational
by Application of Conformational Analysis and Physicochemical Property Prediction
Searching New Anti-Parasitics in the Virtual Space
Crosslinking Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics within Drug Discovery
Total Synthesis and Configurational Assignment of Pasteurestin A and B, a Natural Product with Antimicrobial Acitivty on Pasteurella
Information -
The Essence of Drug Discovery
From Scientific Data to Knowledge
Lessons Learned from Target Based Screening in Antiinfective and Antiparasitic Research
The Invertebrate Cholinergic System: Molecular Targets for Antiparasitic Compounds
Phenotypic Characterization of Lead Candidates Derived from in Vitro Anti-Ectoparasitic and Anthelmintic Bioscreens for the Identification of New Antiparasitic Leads
Recruiting the Host Defense Mechanisms;
Roles for Chemotherapeutics and Vaccines
Virulence Factors in Infectious Diseases
Mode of Action of the Anthelmintic Emodepside
Emergence of Resistance in Helminths
New Chemotherapeutic Strategies for Schistosomiasis
Kinases of Protozoan Parasites as Drug Targets
Targeting the Malaria Kinome;
Discovering Kinase Inhibitors as Novel Anti-Malarial Agents
Unique Drug Targets in Parasites
In search of Trypanocidal Drugs
Target Validation of Proteases in Parasitic Protozoa
Target Identification and Mechanism-Based Screening for Anthelmintics: Application of Veterinary Antiparasitic Research Programmes to Search for New Antiparasitic Drugs for Human Indications
Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases: View of a Public-Private Partnership
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