Reduce Your Cancer Risk - Twelve Steps to a Healthier Life

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Barbara Boughton, Michael Stefanek
Demos Medical Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
28 sept. 2009
Cancer experts say more people than ever before are now likely to develop the disease at some time, but due to early intervention, the chances of survival are also increasing. Reduce Your Cancer Risk: Twelve Steps to a Healthier Life combines comprehensive information about how to reduce cancer risk organized around a 12-step action plan. Written by a patient-expert with the help of a cancer research doctor, the book takes the reader from how to assess one’s cancer risk on to the latest cutting edge research on lifestyle changes that can cut an individual’s risk factors. Reduce Your Cancer Risk separates fact from fiction about cancer. The book also presents advice for the average reader and those who have above-average or family risk for cancer. As well as discussing important lifestyle changes, Reduce Your Cancer Risk informs readers about important preventive health strategies for those who have above-average risk for cancer, such as genetic counseling and preventive anti-cancer medications. This book speaks to those with a diagnosis, those whose lives have been touched by cancer, and those who are interested in preventative care. Contents Assess Your Cancer Risk: On the Web and More; Be a Detective: Find Out about Your Family History of Cancer; Losing Weight: A Powerful Anti-Cancer Strategy; Evading Skin Cancer: How Much Sun is Too Much?; Clearing the Air of Tobacco; Using Diet to Defeat Cancer; Exercise: The Feel-Good Prescription; Medical Tests You Can’t Do Without; Ask Your Doctor: Is Anti-Cancer Medication for You?; Taking Anti-Cancer Supplements: Which are Good for You?; The Environment: Avoiding Toxins in Our Midst; Staying Positive: One Day at a Time; Cancer Hype, Cancer Quackery and Cancer Cures: How to Tell the Difference.
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