Parkinson's Disease. Clinician's Desk Reference

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Grosset, D. - Fernandez, H. - Okun, M.
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2009
This second title in the new ‘Clinician’s Desk Reference’ series is designed as concise up-to-date volume on key conditions for physicians in the hospital setting and in primary care, and for many professionals allied to medicine. Coverage in this volume ranges from incidence, diagnosis, investigation, drug treatments, non-motor features of Parkinson’s Disease, assessment scales and surgical intervention, to the role of nurses, physio– and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, dieticians, and to the use of complementary medicine. The book is illustrated by photos/imaging and by charts and tables. Contents: Introduction, 1. Parkinson¹s disease facts and figures, 2. Clinical diagnosis of parkinsonism and tremor, 3. Diagnostic testing and neuroimaging, 4. Drug treatment of Parkinson¹s disease, 5. Nonmotor features of Parkinson¹s disease, 6. Motor and nonmotor assessment scales, 7. Surgical therapy for Parkinson¹s disease, 8. The role of the nurse practitioner/physician assistant , 9. The role of the physical and occupational therapist, 10. The role of the speech and language therapist, 11. Malnutrition and related disorders, 12. Complementary medicine and Parkinson¹s disease, Resources, Further reading, Abbreviations, Glossary, Index.
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