PET-CT Functional Imaging

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Blodgett, Todd, Saiful Huq, M., Heron, Dwight E.
Fecha Publicacion
1 nov. 2010
About this book
  • Explains in detail the many opportunities to exploit PET-CT in staging, radiation treatment planning, assessment of response, and surveillance
  • Carefully examines potential pitfalls
  • Includes numerous high-quality images presenting findings in diverse disease settings as well as normal variants and physiological uptake
  • Designed to serve as the definitive text on the application of PET-CT within radiation oncology

PET-CT has the great advantage of combining anatomical and functional imaging within a single study, thereby overcoming the limitations of PET and CT when performed separately. The benefits within the context of modern radiation oncology practice include more accurate staging that frequently alters management and more precise target definition that may augment highly conformal radiation treatment plans using intensity-modulated radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that PET-CT assists in the evaluation of treatment response, the detection of early failures, and assessment of long-term prognosis. Unsurprisingly, therefore, interest in PET-CT within the radiation oncology community has been growing rapidly.

This comprehensive book explains in detail the opportunities that exist to exploit PET-CT in staging, radiation treatment planning, assessment of response, and surveillance. In addition to discussing the many potential benefits of PET-CT, pitfalls are carefully examined. The numerous high-quality images document not only the findings characteristic in diverse disease settings but also normal variants and physiological uptake for a variety of disease sites and treatments. The recognized expertise of the editors and authors guarantee that this will serve as the definitive text on the application of this exciting imaging modality within radiation oncology.

Written for:
Radiation oncologists, medical physicists, medical dosimetrists, PET oncologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, radiation therapists, and medical oncologists.
  • Assessment of Response
  • Functional Imaging
  • IMRT
  • PET-CT
  • Radiation Treatment Planning
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