From Molecules to Medicines · Structure of Biological Macromolecules and Its Relevance in Combating New Diseases and Bioterrorism

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Sussman, Joel L., Spadon, Paola
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2009
About this book

The synergism played by crystallography and drug discovery is the central focus of this volume which comprises papers presented at the 40th Erice Course held from 28 May to 8 June 2008.

A key theme throughout the book is the dependence of modern structural science on multiple experimental and computational techniques, and it is the development of these techniques and their integration that will take us forward in the future.

Written for:

Biochemists, biocrystallographers, bioinformatics, researchers in the pharmaceutical industry

  • GPCR
  • bioinformatics
  • computational chemistry
  • drug discovery
  • molecular modeling
  • protein-crystallization
  • protein-inhibitor complexes
  • structural biology
  • structure based drug design

Table of contents

Preface. List of Contributors. Surface Proteins of Gram-Positive Pathogens: Using Crystallography to Uncover Novel Features in Drug and Vaccine Candidates; E.N. Baker.-
The Rapid Crystallization Strategy for Structure-Based Inhibitor Design; T. Bergfors.- Fragment-Based Drug Discovery in Academia: Experiences from a Tuberculosis Programme; T. Heikkila et al.- Structural Biology Contributions to the Discovery of Drugs to Treat Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia; S.W. Cowan-Jacob et al.- Integrating Crystallography Into Early Metabolism Studies; G. Cruciani et al.- The Foundations of Protein-Ligand Interaction; G. Klebe.- Structure-Based Design of TRNA-Guanine
Transglycosylase Inhibitors; G. Klebe.- Progress on New Hepatitis C Virus Targets: NS2 and NS5A; J. Marcotrigiano.- Protein Structure Modeling; N. Eswar, A. Sali.-
Structural Biology and Molecular Modeling in the Design of Novel DPP-4 Inhibitors; G. Scapin.- Tools to Make 3D Structural Data More Comprehensible: Emovie & Proteopedia; E.Hodis et al.- Structural Studies on Acetylcholinesterase and Paraoxonase Directed Towards Development of Therapeutic Biomolecules for the Treatment of
Degenerative Diseases and Protection against Chemical Threat Agents; J.L.Sussman, Israel Silman.- Protein Function Prediction from Structure in Structural Genomics and Its Contribution to the Study of Health and Disease; J.D. Watson, J.M. Thornton.- Crystal Structures of the ß2-Adrenergic Receptor; W.I. Weis et al.- Can Structures lead to better Drugs? Lessons from Ribosome Research; A.Yonath.-

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